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    Brimming with talent, research institutions and companies, six leading clusters in Copenhagen offer exciting business opportunities.

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    Copenhagen is consistently ranked best place to do business – and getting started takes as little as 48 hours.

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    Reach a market of 25 million consumers and profit from premier labour market flexibility, competitive salaries and tax schemes, and Scandinavia’s largest pool of highly-skilled employees.

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    If you are considering locating or expanding in Copenhagen, our business development team is here to assist you, providing hands-on industry experience and knowledge.

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    Copenhagen is a great place to do business – say the companies that have established in the region.

Regional Talent Strategy launched

See how Copenhagen Capacity and 11 partners intend to turn Copenhagen into an international talent magnet.

MIPIM: Market your property development projects to potential investors

For the 21th year, Copenhagen Capacity co-ordinates Copenhagen’s presence at MIPIM, the world’s premier real estate event held in Cannes, France. Become a partner or sponsor and gain access to the largest showcase of development opportunities. In 2014, partners at the event included, among others:

- CPH City and Port Development
Carlsberg City

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WTM åbner skandinavisk salgskontor i København

30 Sep 2014

Den tyske virksomhed WTM Engineers International har åbnet et skandinavisk salgskontor i København. Det skyldes regionens massive investeringer i infrastrukturprojekter, og at WTM herfra har nem adgang til de andre nordiske markeder.


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Copenhagen Capacity i Launch Nordic-ekspertpanel

29 Sep 2014

Copenhagen Capacity er med i Launch Nordics ekspertpanel, der skal hjælpe ni internationale innovatører inden for materiale- og tekstiludvikling. Bag Launch Nordic står blandt andre Nike, NASA og en lang række nordiske partnere.


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Visit Copenhagen Capacity at MIPIM 2015

Along with the City of Malmö, Copenhagen Capacity has hosted the joint Copenhagen Malmö stand at MIPIM in Cannes since 1996. MIPIM is the world's leading real estate exhibition and conference which brings together the most influential real estate professionals to explore major international property development projects, connect with potential partners, and strike deals over 4 intensive days – 10-13 March 2015.

10 Mar 2015 READ MORE