CRRC Wind Power opens European R&D office in Greater Copenhagen

Jan 14, 2019 The leading Chinese wind turbine manufacturer, CRRC Wind Power (Shandong) Co., Ltd, has opened an R&D office in Greater Copenhagen, which will serve as a hub for advanced product development and strengthen cooperation with local partners on wind projects in Europe.

CRRC Wind Power (Shandong) Co., Ltd is one of the top 15 large-scale wind turbine manufacturers in China. The company’s main business areas are wind turbine design and manufacturing, R&D, as well as and sales and technical support.

With the office in Greater Copenhagen the company is upgrading with a European R&D and product development hub for advanced wind energy technology.

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The decision to establish in Greater Copenhagen is very much owing to Denmark’s lead position in sustainable energy. Today, 30% of Denmark’s electricity consumption is covered by wind turbines, and this will increase to 50% by 2020.

“Denmark is renowned worldwide for its wind energy knowhow and solutions. Prominent institutions such as the Technical University of Denmark and many wind energy companies and suppliers are located in Greater Copenhagen, which is a major contributor to our decision of establishing here”, says Na Li, Chief Representative at CRRC Wind Power (Shandong) Co., Ltd, Denmark.

Additional to accelerating product innovation together with Danish universities and wind power companies, CRRC also aims to strengthen cooperation with local partners on wind energy projects in Europe.

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  • Danish wind power R&D and product design is state of the art.
  • Strong R&D partners such as Technical University of Denmark and leading wind power companies.
  • Opportunities for cooperation with local partners on wind energy projects in Europe.

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The company’s main business area is wind turbine design, manufacturing and technical service as well as R&D and sale of wind power equipment. It has a capacity of 1,500 sets output of 1.5MW ~ 6MW onshore and offshore wind turbines every year.

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Please get in touch with CRRC Denmark here: lina@crrcwind.com

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Copenhagen Capacity, together with Invest in Denmark, assisted CRRC with information about the Danish wind energy and cleantech industry and strategic advice on establishing a business in Denmark.

We also arranged fact finding tours, introducing CRRC to local partners such as the Technical University of Denmark and other industry networks, and assisted with practical business startup help such as finding a lawyer and employees.

“Thanks to Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark, our office in Greater Copenhagen is now established and is successfully up and running”, says Na Li.