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If you are considering investing, setting up a business, or starting a new venture in Greater Copenhagen, let Copenhagen Capacity be your trusted partner in making this journey a reality.

As the official organisation for investment promotion, and business development in Greater Copenhagen, we’ve been privileged to guide hundreds of international businesses as they establish themselves in the region. 

Setting up a business in a new country comes with unique challenges. While Denmark is renowned for its business-friendly environment, having local insights can make all the difference. Our aim is to support your company in uncovering opportunities and achieving success in the region.

We offer assistance to startups and established companies in expanding internationally, whether it's setting up a Sales Office, R&D center, or Regional headquarters. We provide guidance throughout the entire process.

Our services are free for foreign-owned companies and tailored to your business needs, with full confidentiality.

How we support companies



Why do business in Greater Copenhagen?

Denmark is consistently ranked as one of the easiest places in Europe to do business.* Being Scandinavia's most cost-efficient location with favourable business conditions, it's no surprise.


Uncover the Danish business advantages such as a high-performing economy, attractive taxation schemes, flexible labour market, and collaborative work culture.

* World Bank 2012-2020



  • Economy

  • Taxation

  • Labour market

  • Location

  • Business-environment

Explore the stable and prosperous Danish economy strategically located in one of Europe's wealthiest regions.   

You can benefit from high trade potential and seamless export opportunities in Denmark, especially with the UK, US, and EU markets. Denmark excels as a net exporter of agriculture, energy, pharmaceuticals, and microbiological products.  

You probably did not know this, but Denmark has a competitive corporate tax rate below the EU and OECD; it's 22%, to be exact, no more than that.   

 On top of that, Denmark does not have double taxation, meaning - you do not have to pay extra taxes for the profit your company's international branches make. Additional benefits include a 130% tax rebate for R&D expenses, no capital duty, and no net wealth tax.  

Tap into Denmark's highly educated and innovative workforce.   

Denmark is renowned for its flexicurity model, allowing business owners to up or downscale their business while staying competitive.   

Enjoy the lowest employer costs in the EU, coupled with a productive and qualified workforce.  

Position your business at the crossroads of Northern Europe. Copenhagen offers unparalleled access to Scandinavian, European, and global markets.   

With excellent transport infrastructure, it can effortlessly reach customers, suppliers, and partners across borders, minimizing logistical challenges and costs.  

Experience a transparent and efficient regulatory framework that consistently places Denmark among the top countries for ease of doing business.   

Benefit from a fair and stable legal system, robust intellectual property protection, and a low corruption index, providing a secure and reliable business environment. 

Key sectors of Greater Copenhagen

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Our services for foreign companies

If you are considering whether Greater Copenhagen is the best place for your business, we are here to assist you in making the right decision. Our services cover your business establishment process before, during, and after and will be custom-made to your specific needs.  
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We can provide a comprehensive analysis of Greater Copenhagen's competitiveness against any of 900+ other cities with the Financial Times' benchmark tool.   

How it works  

  • Based on your concrete setup, such as the type of operation facility and staffing needs, we will compare Greater Copenhagen to other cities using the fDi Benchmark. 
  • We will help you prioritize the different essential parameters for your specific setup through detailed dialogue. 
  • You will get graphs, tables, and informative text clarifying your business costs and location quality. 
  • You will receive the results in reports or presentation formats, ready for your strategic consideration. 

We can introduce you to Denmark's business framework and ensure a smooth establishment, assisting you in everything from legal matters to finding a workspace.   

What we offer  

  • Expert advice and counsel for your setup - covering legal structure and company registration 
  • A comprehensive introduction to the Danish labor market regulations  
  • Industry-specific overview of the local business environment   
  • Facilitating local and national networking and collaboration opportunities - connecting you with potential partners, service providers, customers, competitors, and projects  
  • Identification of viable locations for production sites or offices  
  • Introduction to EU-initiated FDI screening regulations  

We can help you with an overview of the corporate banking, payroll, accounting, and taxation frameworks in Denmark and more.

What we offer  

  • Guidance regarding Danish taxation, VAT, and bank account registration through our service provider network.  
  • Introduction to the opportunities in public funding regarding R&D and innovation activities in Denmark.  
  • Introduction to funding opportunities by the European Union within your line of business.  
  • Assistance in uncovering your options with private equity investors if you need capital for your setup in Denmark.  

We can introduce you to our expansive network and ecosystem of clusters, industry organisations, knowledge institutes, startups, and established corporations.   

Through networks and collaborations, we can help you explore your full business potential in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark.

What we offer  

  • Facilitation of tailor-made visits for you to explore Greater Copenhagen, both virtual and in-person.  
  • Setting up meetings with you and potential partners and service providers.  
  • We can help find and arrange visits to relevant sites for your investment.  

Whether your company is already a sustainability pioneer or is taking the first steps towards implementing a more sustainable practice and strategy, Denmark can be a perfect enabler in your journey to adapt your business to the future and strengthen its position.  

Denmark stands at the forefront of sustainability, offering excellent opportunities. We have a strong ecosystem of sustainability-focused players, including companies, organizations, institutional investors, VCs, and foundations, all dedicated to enhancing green initiatives and fostering sustainable business projects.   

We're here to guide your company towards a future-ready path.  

What we offer  

  • Introduction to relevant networks and partners to unleash your organisation's sustainability potential 
  • Assistance in defining and implementing your sustainable practices and strategy 
  • Building your company's competencies within sustainability by making your company attractive for purpose-driven talents and stakeholders 
  • We can guide you towards and connect you with sustainable local industry advisors in the following: 
    • Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA)  
    • Certifications (e.g., B Corp or SBTi)  
    • Sustainability subject matter networks  
    • Climate-friendly office spaces  
    • Sustainable transformation and strategy  
    • Sustainable funding  
    • Diversity and inclusion  
    • Non-financial disclosure  
    • ESG materiality assessment  
    • EU Taxonomy and Regulation + UN SDG commitments 

Talented people are the key to a successful business. Luckily, Denmark has a rich pool of skilled professionals. It is no surprise, considering our consistently high rankings as one of the most attractive destinations for global talent.   

Recognizing the critical need to attract and retain top talent, we've implemented various initiatives to ensure we grow and attract the skills vital to businesses' success in Greater Copenhagen.  

Whether you are relocating employees or seeking to hire when in Denmark, our team is here to help you navigate immigration procedures, family relocation, and settlement processes and identify the most relevant candidates through our specialized talent attraction services.  

How we can assist you:  

  • Provide an in-depth introduction to the efficient and flexible Danish labor market.  
  • Introduce you to our trusted partners that offer relocation support, covering topics like visas, permits, settling in, housing options, and schools. 
  • Facilitate the attraction of foreign talent when specific expertise is not readily available. We offer a diverse range of activities, including campaigns and matchmaking events. 
  • Showcase your open positions on our internationally recognized Greater Copenhagen Career Portal to attract global talent effectively.  
  • Connect your open jobs with our extensive talent database, featuring thousands of English-speaking professionals. 

Get inspired

Discover the international business ecosystem we have faciliated in Denmark


Flux Partners Chooses Copenhagen Over Stockholm for Nordic Headquarters The Dutch consultancy firm Flux Partners expands to Copenhagen creating 35 jobs in the capital.
Copenhagen Welcomes Yingli Solar's Expansion into Denmark's Green Energy Sector The Chinese enterprise Yingli Solar, a frontrunner in the global solar energy industry expands to Copenhagen.
World-leading Semiconductor Manufacturer is Expanding with 125 jobs in Frederikssund Topsil GlobalWafers announces major expansion in Denmark creating 125 new jobs.
Tokyo-based DeepTech Company Scurid Expands to Copenhagen DeepTech company Scurid recently announced the establishment of its new EU HQ in Copenhagen.
Ukrainian Software company Defies War and Opens Nordic Headquarter in Copenhagen Despite the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, IT company Diceus, based in Kyiv, has chosen to open a Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen to strengthen its presence in the region. This move is seen as both a strategic expansion and a recognition of the support Denmark and its people have provided to Ukraine.
Beta Mobility Expands to Copenhagen: Accelerating Green Mobility Solutions in the Nordics In a strategic move to improve its presence in the Nordic region and contribute to the ongoing green transition in cities, Beta Mobility, a renowned Norwegian team of mobility experts, has chosen Copenhagen for its latest expansion.
The Nordics’ Largest Carsharing Company Parks in Copenhagen’s Streets Hyre, the Norwegian carsharing company, is expanding the growing carsharing market in Copenhagen. Its goal is to have a thousand cars on the capital’s streets during the next three years.
The Islandic company Controlant, a global leader in the digital transformation of pharma supply chains, is establishing in Denmark Many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and logistics companies already trust Controlant to make their operations significantly more reliable and cost-effective. With the new office in Denmark, Controlant is fully prepared for the growth journey ahead.
This Car Wash Company Will Save 99% of Water in Denmark Woshapp, the sustainable Swedish car wash company, is expanding into the Danish market and will contribute to the Danish green transition efforts. Partnering with local car-sharing operators, Woshapp will help save water and minimise its environmental impact. Copenhagen Capacity had the pleasure of assisting Woshapp with setting up in Copenhagen and introducing it to local companies, potential partners, and service providers.
The EV Company is Powering the Green Transition The smart electric vehicles company, XPENG, is expanding its presence in Denmark. On February 3rd, XPENG is opening its new delivery and service centre and Danish headquarters in Hillerød. XPENG will strengthen the international business ecosystem in Hillerød and create additional jobs.
Japanese Online Marketplace Establishes Its European Office in Denmark The Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed online auction house, AUCNET, is opening its European office in Copenhagen. COO Masaaki Furukawa will manage the European branch, with President Yasuto Saito as CEO. By expanding its business in Europe, AUCNET hopes to secure more suppliers of second-hand luxury goods and to improve the customer experience. As the global market for second-hand goods is growing, AUCNET’s expansion cannot be more timely. The clothing industry is estimated to amount to €35.4 billion worldwide in 2021, and exceed €83.7 billion in 2026. While this resale industry offers substantial profits globally, it is often individuals supplying the products. That presents multiple challenges in ensuring a stable supply chain.
A Finnish Ice Cream Brand With Local Vegan Flavours Opens Its First Store In Copenhagen Nordic Gelato Factory produces handmade, vegan ice cream based on local ingredients. The company has just established itself in Denmark with its factory in Charlottenlund and opened its first store in Tivoli.
German Start-up to Make Nordic Cities Greener from Its New Copenhagen Office The German company – BABLE Smart Cities – has just established their Nordic-Baltic head office in Copenhagen. The company provides innovative solutions that help public and private organisations collaborate to develop sustainable cities fit for the future. Copenhagen's extensive ecosystem of sustainable companies and thorough advice from Copenhagen Capacity were vital for the company in its decision to expand into the region.
The Norwegian InfoTiles Will Ensure Sustainable Water Management for Danes InfoTiles has expanded its business with a presence at the Niras Green Tech Hub in Allerød. Offering a sustainable technological solution to the water value chain, InfotTiles will strengthen Eastern Denmark's green portfolio.
Copenhagen Capacity Celebrates Danmark's Largest Foreign Investment Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies' second expansion in Hillerød makes it the largest foreign investment in Denmark. It will transform the site into the largest end-to-end contract development manufacturing organization in Europe. This investment is expected to create approximately 450 new jobs. That will be a significant increase in addition to 1150 employees currently working in Hillerød and the 300 jobs created by the first expansion.
Ferring Pharmaceuticals Creates 120 New Jobs The international pharmaceutical company Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S creates 120 new jobs in its new Danish headquarters. The company already employs 600 people and moves parts of its activities within global marketing, business development, and logistics from Switzerland to Denmark.
The Sustainable German Engineering Company, Werner Sobek, Establishes in Copenhagen Creating 12 new jobs and contributing to the green transition within the building industry, the German engineering company, Werner Sobek, opened its Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen, inspired by the innovative ecosystem of sustainable architecture and construction firms in the capital.
The German smart-grocery company, Gorillas, disrupts Copenhagen’s grocery market The way we buy groceries is constantly evolving due to new innovative companies like the German-owned company Gorillas. With the help from Copenhagen Capacity, the company has expanded to Greater Copenhagen.
GoGlobal Goes to Denmark: Leader in EOR services is set to launch in Scandinavia With help from Copenhagen Capacity, GoGlobal has chosen to expand its business to Denmark
The UK- Student Accommodation Company Establishes Regional Head Quarter in Greater Copenhagen Inclusion in the real-estate market is an essential aspect within social sustainability, which the UK Company Kexgill targets by providing inclusive social housing opportunities. Now, through the help of Copenhagen Capacity, the company expands to Greater Copenhagen.
The UK-based microbiome company establishes regional headquarter in Copenhagen The UK-based company, Enbiosis Biotechnology, has with help from Copenhagen Capacity chosen to establish its regional headquarters in Copenhagen and expects to have approx. 20 employees onboard within 3 years.
The global mobility and smart city organizer Electronomous relocates to Copenhagen Greater Copenhagen has a pioneering smart-city ecosystem with key drivers for sustainable acceleration and innovation, and now Electronomous – the organization behind the International Mobility Summit - is expanding to Copenhagen.
UK-based life science company moves global headquarters to Copenhagen Copenhagen Capacity has assisted the life science company, Curaizon, in the process of finding the ideal location for its headquarters which has successfully resulted in a relocation to Copenhagen.
German-owned company Rawbite moves Production to Bagsværd The German biscuit group, Bahlsen, which in 2016 acquired the fruit and nut producer Rawbite was close to moving 30 jobs out of the country. But with the help from Copenhagen Capacity, Rawbite relocated to Bagsværd.
German IT digital adoption giant chooses Copenhagen for its Nordic headquarters The global, German-founded IT company, tts, recently opened its Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen which will lead further expansion into the Nordics.
Airfinity opens global centre of excellence in Copenhagen Airfinity, maker of the world’s first global platform to monitor scientific conferences, has chosen Copenhagen for its global centre of excellence. The decision is owing to Greater Copenhagen’s strong life science environment, and the fact that Copenhagen is a viable alternative to London if Brexit hits hard.
Scott Logic opens Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen The UK-based software consultancy, Scott Logic, has chosen Copenhagen for its North European headquarters, which will serve both as a hub for closer local business relations and as a springboard for expansion into the wider European markets. The reasons why? Long-standing business and the fact that Copenhagen is growing into a vibrant fintech and financial hub.
Moniterra opens Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen Copenhagen was the natural choice, when leading geo monitoring company, Encardio-Moniterra Group, decided to step up its presence in Northern Europe and open a Nordic headquarters.
Big Data company opens Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen Easy access to Copenhagen’s well-connected airport, the city’s sizzling tech and AI community, and only a short commute to Malmö, Sweden. These are the main reasons why data engineering company, Syntio, who works with some of the largest retail companies in Sweden, has chosen Copenhagen for its Nordic headquarters.
International coffee giant places Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen Dutch coffee giant, JDE Coffee, has moved its Nordic headquarters from Stockholm to Copenhagen. This exemplifies a trend towards Greater Copenhagen becoming a Nordic headquarters hotspot among international companies.
Danish architects and Brexit lead engineer-giant to Greater Copenhagen Greater Copenhagen was the natural choice when the American company Thornton Tomasetti decided to expand its European headquarter in the UK with an office in the heart of Copenhagen.
Fintech frontrunner opens Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen FinTech frontrunner InvestSuite has opened offices in five countries since June last year. Copenhagen is the latest stop, owing to the city’s vibrant fintech community and opportunities to build business in the wider Scandinavian market.
Sweden’s leading IT management consultancy opens in Copenhagen Netlight has strengthened its Scandinavian presence with an office in Copenhagen. The city’s financial institutions and media groups and busy startup environments have quickly become customers and business partners - and Netlight expects to increase its headcount in Copenhagen to 30 people in 2019. Here, you will get three insider tips from Netlight to help your business take off in Copenhagen.
Unibio places R&D in Greater Copenhagen Bio-manufacturing company, Unibio, has its R&D, pilot facility and semi-industrial production plant in Greater Copenhagen. Owing to an eco-system enabling sustainable circular production, Unibio is reaping environmental benefits and financial savings.
DigiPlex enters Denmark's rapidly-growing data centre industry with a center in Greater Copenhagen Following the likes of Google and Apple, DigiPlex, the Nordic leader in innovative, sustainable and secure data centres, has announced its entry into the Danish market opening its first co-location data centre in Greater Copenhagen.
Japanese pharma giant opens Nordic headquarter in Greater Copenhagen With more than 15.000 employees in over 20 countries, Daiichi Sankyo is the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan. The Nordics is now the next stop for the global company that has chosen to open its Nordic headquarter in Greater Copenhagen.
MG Real Estate invests in Greater Copenhagen’s booming logistics sector Greater Copenhagen’s position as a growing hotspot for logistics is further cemented as MG Real Estate invests in a state-of-the-art distribution centre in the region
ModelMe3D chooses Greater Copenhagen Denmark’s high level of digitisation and focus on energy-efficient building were decisive for smart city startup, ModelMe3D, who has established its first sales and marketing office in Greater Copenhagen.
FMC chooses Copenhagen for new European research centre FMC Corporation has chosen Copenhagen for its new European innovation centre and headquarters. A strong research environment for food and biologicals and easy access to international talent were decisive factors.
hedgehog lab chooses Copenhagen for European headquarters Newcastle tech company hedgehog lab has opened its first mainland European office in Copenhagen with the prospect of becoming the European headquarters after Brexit.
SAP opens development centre in Copenhagen The German IT company SAP has opened SAP Experience Center in Copenhagen to assist Danish companies in taking digital leadership.
Unispace opens Scandinavian hub in Copenhagen Unispace, a global design firm with studios in 18 countries, has launched in Scandinavia, choosing Copenhagen as its regional hub which will serve clients across the Nordic countries. Contracts with clients in Denmark and Sweden will support further growth for the Nordic business venture.
SYBO teams up with Copenhagen Capacity to attract talent Celebrating five years in business this year, mobile game company SYBO, creator of Subway Surfers, can look back at impressive growth rates. To keep afloat of its own success and fulfil a strategy of attracting more international talent, SYBO partnered up with Copenhagen Capacity.
Astellas: Copenhagen is the perfect location for our Nordic headquarters The global pharmaceutical company Astellas has gathered all corporate support functions to its Nordic and Baltic sales units in Copenhagen. This is owing to Copenhagen’s unique geography, allowing for a multicultural corporate environment with strong local understanding of all markets in the Nordic region.
CRRC Wind Power opens European R&D office in Greater Copenhagen The leading Chinese wind turbine manufacturer, CRRC Wind Power (Shandong) Co., Ltd, has opened an R&D office in Greater Copenhagen, which will serve as a hub for advanced product development and strengthen cooperation with local partners on wind projects in Europe.
Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen The Swiss pharma giant Roche has chosen Copenhagen for its innovation centre specialising in RNA therapeutics research, owing to the Danish life science industry and its talent.
Elkjøp Nordic chooses Copenhagen for Scandinavian customer service centre The largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries, Elkjøp Nordic, has chosen Copenhagen for its new Scandinavian customer service centre with 300 employees.
IBM chooses Copenhagen for innovation centre IBM is expanding its global activities with a new client innovation centre in Copenhagen. Within two years, 250 IT professionals will be employed at the new centre, working with ground-breaking technologies within big data and cognitive computing.
China Classification Society opens Copenhagen office China Classification Society, who carries out class inspections and certification of ships, has opened an office in Copenhagen to provide better local technical support and service to customers in Denmark.
EasySize is disrupting the global fashion e-commerce industry from Copenhagen Copenhagen’s dynamic tech community and e-commerce mature fashion industry was the perfect match for EasySize. Today EasySize has grown to a team of six, and with funding from business angels, the Copenhagen-based company now support more than 3000 fashion brands worldwide.
Hitachi opens Big Data laboratory in Copenhagen Hitachi chooses Copenhagen for its first Big Data laboratory in mainland Europe. Denmark’s strong competencies in data availability, health technology, smart city and energy efficiency were decisive for the choice.
GoerTek Inc. opens European audio research centre in Copenhagen The Chinese consumer electronics company GoerTek has placed its first European headquarters and audio research centre in Copenhagen. Winning factors were the availability of talent and centrality in Europe.
FlixBus opens first Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen The fast-growing German startup, FlixBus, providing green, smart and affordable bus travel throughout Europe, has established its first Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen. Excellent infrastructure and a rich talent pool were decisive factors.
Nets opens up to new partnerships within digital payments With 6.5 billion transactions a year, Nets plays an important role in the Nordic payment ecosystem, connecting banks, businesses, the public sector and consumers. The Nordic fintech company welcomes the idea of strategic partnerships, enhancing the customer experience and empowering the adoption of new solutions across the heavily digitised Nordic countries.
Orckestra places European headquarters in Copenhagen The Canadian e-commerce software company Orckestra sets out for business expansion in Europe from new European headquarters in Copenhagen.
Skidos builds the future of educational gaming apps for children in Copenhagen New Delhi-founded EdTech startup Skidos moved to Copenhagen in 2015 after being selected for the 2015 Startupbootcamp accelerator programme. Today Skidos is staffing up and growing its portfolio of educational gaming apps to teach math, tech, science, and engineering skills, having landed two grants from Innovation Fund Denmark.
Technolution places Nordic office in Copenhagen The Dutch company, Technolution B.V., has won a DKK 47m ITS contract with the City of Copenhagen. Technolution is now establishing a Nordic office in Denmark and is planning an R&D centre for smart city solutions.
Temenos chooses Copenhagen for Nordic headquarters When Temenos, the global core bank system provider, won a major contract with Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordics, Copenhagen was the natural choice for its Nordic headquarters.
Nestlé places Scandinavian headquarters in Copenhagen Nestlé will streamline its Nordic operations by centralising R&D and marketing units in a new headquarters in Copenhagen. Excellent infrastructure and strong competences in food and nutrition research were decisive for Nestlé’s choice.
Cisco expands innovation activities in Greater Copenhagen Cisco has entered into an innovation partnership with Greater Copenhagen to test and develop tomorrow's digital infrastructure, the Internet of Everything. Cisco chose Copenhagen because of its green ambitions and unique test facilities.
Atair chooses Copenhagen for Nordic headquarters The German hosiery market leader, Atair, has chosen Copenhagen for its Nordic headquarters and sales office. Strong purchasing power, competitive business conditions and great expansion potential were decisive factors.
Maxipay opens Scandinavian office in Copenhagen British company, Maxipay, has opened its first Scandinavian office in Copenhagen from where it will assist clients with HR, financial and accounting services.
Mediconomics chooses Greater Copenhagen The German-owned company Mediconomics has established in Greater Copenhagen, owing to the region's world-leading life science clusters Medicon Valley and Biopeople.
Mellanox Technologies expands in Greater Copenhagen Israeli Mellanox Technology expands its research and development activities in Greater Copenhagen owing to specialised IT engineers and competitive salaries.
Brüning chooses Copenhagen for Scandinavian sales office The large supplier of wood biomass to power plants, Brüning, has placed its first office outside of Germany in Copenhagen. A large customer base, access to business partners and talent and the possibility of Scandinavian expansion were decisive factors.
Zhong Shang establishes joint venture in Copenhagen Denmark’s strong design competences was the main reason for Chinese Zhong Shang’s decision to establish a joint venture in Copenhagen.
H.Essers chooses Copenhagen for Scandinavian logistics hub Leading logistics service provider H.Essers chose Copenhagen for its Scandinavian set-up, owing to Denmark’s flexible labour market and business opportunities in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors.
WTM: The natural choice for a Scandinavian office Copenhagen offers an exciting pipeline of city development projects and tenders. And with its close proximity to the other Nordic markets, Copenhagen is the ideal location for WTM Engineers International’s Scandinavian office.
MMG opens Scandinavian office in Copenhagen MMG Consulting Engineers specialises in planning logistics and automated transport solutions for the hospital industry. Denmark’s current DKK 40bn investment in 16 major hospital construction projects made Copenhagen the natural choice for MMG’s office in Scandinavia.
E.ON invests in green transport in Copenhagen Ambitious climate objectives make Denmark attractive for green transport first movers. The global energy company E.ON invests in infrastructure for electric cars and gas for transport.
T-Systems places Scandinavian headquarters in Copenhagen The global ICT provider T-Systems has chosen Copenhagen for its Scandinavian headquarters. Strongholds include Copenhagen’s unique infrastructure, competitive salaries and the flexible labour market regulation.
Shanghai ChemPartner places European headquarters in Copenhagen Easy access to the European market, low start-up costs, a flexible labour market, and facilities in one of Europe’s strongest biotech clusters Medicon Valley. That is why Shanghai ChemPartners chose Copenhagen for its European headquarters.
Greenwave Systems drives European market expansion from Denmark To meet high growth expectations for the Internet of Things segment in Europe, the US-Danish ICT company Greenwave Systems is expanding its Danish presence with a European customer support centre and additional R&D facilities.
Axellus accelerates growth and flexibility Easy access to the motorway network and skilled employees were key criteria when the nutritional supplement manufacturer Axellus chose Greater Copenhagen for its new warehouse.
Parsons Brinckerhoff opens Scandinavian headquarters in Copenhagen Parsons Brinckerhoff, a global leader in developing and operating infrastructure, sets out to win Scandinavia from its new Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen.
Global fintech company opens Nordic office in Copenhagen Funderbeam, who offers a crowdfunding platform for investors to become share owners in exciting growth companies has the hots for Copenhagen’s highly skilled talents and business-friendly environment – and the answer was obvious when Funderbeam had to launch its Scandinavian business.
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