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Behind every successful business, there are talented people. But finding the right people for your business can be tricky and time-consuming.

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Explore our three proven ways to find and retain highly qualified international professionals based on your business needs.

International campaigns

Join our targeted digital campaigns to attract qualified international talent from a variety of sectors, like IT, engineering, life science, game development and more.

Enjoy our exclusive perks:

  • Tap into our extensive experience in branding Denmark and the Greater Copenhagen Region as an attractive place to live and work
  • Save precious time and avoid an endless screening process
Bright - South Jutland Campaign State of Denmark
NEW: The South Jutland Bright campaign aims to attract international engineers, IT specialists, product managers, and more to support the green transition in South Jutland.
Copenhagen Life Science State of Denmark
The campaign was seen +10 million times, and 13 life science organisations participated with 40 open jobs, resulting in 28 candidates hired for positions such as research scientists, lab technicians, validation engineers, and analytical chemists.
Attracting skilled workers to Region Zealand State of Denmark
The Region Zealand campaign attracted over 350 job applicants within the construction sector to several companies in the region while also promoting Region Zealand as a vibrant and attractive place to live and work. 
Tech talent in Denmark State of Denmark
35 companies received more than 9000 experienced candidates in total within Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, DevOps, IT Architecture, Data Science, IOS/Android, Software engineering
Campaign to attract skilled labour to Denmark State of Denmark
21 companies received 2.000 skilled applicants, among which operators, welders, technicians, electricians, blacksmiths and metal workers
Microbiome in Greater Copenhagen Greater Copenhagen Region
27 companies and research groups hired a total of 66 international and highly qualified life science and microbiome researchers, scientists and specialists
Green Deal Denmark Greater Copenhagen Region
10 companies with a strong focus on sustainably attracted candidates across all business functions, such as HR, finance, IT & tech, business development, marketing and engineering
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Matchmaking events

Participate in our matchmaking events connecting companies to hundreds of pre-screened and highly qualified students and graduates.

Enjoy our exclusive perks:

  • Gain exposure to our talent pool
  • Meet and network with international graduates and experienced professionals
  • Hold one-on-one sessions with screened candidates to speed up your hiring process
  • Save time and resources on complicated recruitment processes

Want to learn more?

Innovation Challenge for SMEs Access knowledgeable talent with a global perspective from various educational backgrounds and unleash your innovation.
International talent recruitment Are you looking for qualified talent? Learn how to recruit international professionals to Danish business. (in Danish)
Company Challenge: Healthy Weight The Company Challenge - Healthy Weight - is an innovation programme for you who want to build new skills in problem-solving for life science companies. You will meet and network with life science companies and work in interdisciplinary teams.
After Study Mingle 2023 Join us for the second edition of the After Study Mingle, focused on Life Science companies looking to hire international candidates within the areas of Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedicine and Bioinformatics!
MIT European Career Fair 2023 Registering for the European Career Fair will give you a unique opportunity to get in touch with top-tier international STEM candidates and more!
Talent and Beyond Career Expo Don't miss out on the chance to expand your network and find a job - or brand your company towards young global talents. Join us for this exclusive matchmaking event Talent & Beyond at Bricks in Lund, Sweden.
Copenhagen Global Capital of Health An exclusive event where Life Science companies' representatives and international talent in Denmark met to explore mutual career and networking opportunities in Denmark. 
International Career Expo Join us at the International Career Expo and experience the 5-hour event program, where you will interact with like-minded field professionals and find the right match for you through an open space career fair and 1-1 interview sessions with 15-20 companies and 120 international candidates
International Talent Conference 2022 ITC is an exclusive conference where Danish companies, international students, and young professionals meet to explore mutual career and networking opportunities in Denmark.
Green Deal Career Fair and Matchmaking Event Meet pre-screened international candidates from Greater Copenhagen at the Career Fair and in individual 1-1 interview sessions with candidates hand-picked for your open positions.
International Career Fair and Matchmaking Event Join this event to meet prescreened international candidates for your open vacancies. The event is free of charge and the application deadline for attending the event is 15 September 2021 at 10:00 am.
Greater Copenhagen Microbiome Summit Join us at the Greater Copenhagen Microbiome Summit and get the latest scientific trends and valuable insights within the microbiome field.
NLSDays 2021 Nordic Life Science Days are the largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science industry.
MIPIM 2020 Meet us at MIPIM and let’s talk about your company’s opportunities in Greater Copenhagen.
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