Unibio places R&D in Greater Copenhagen

Jan 14, 2019 Bio-manufacturing company, Unibio, has its R&D, pilot facility and semi-industrial production plant in Greater Copenhagen. Owing to an eco-system enabling sustainable circular production, Unibio is reaping environmental benefits and financial savings.

Denmark is globally known for its high-quality R&D, specifically within the pharma, biotech, food and cleantech sectors. But Denmark is also a competitive location to manufacture and export high-value products in a sustainable way.

Meet bio-manufacturing company, Unibio, who converts methane gas into a protein product, and has its R&D, pilot facility and semi-industrial production plant in Greater Copenhagen; more specifically in the industrial cluster of Kalundborg, just one hour’s drive from the city of Copenhagen.

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In Kalundborg, one industry’s waste is another industry’s resource, and companies such as Novo Nordisk, Equinor and Novozymes exchange resources in the world’s first large-scale symbiosis with a circular approach to production.

This circular exchange enables environmental benefits as well as financial savings; in 2015, companies participating annually saved around 24 million Euros on their bottom line.

Greater Copenhagen is a competitive location to manufacture in a sustainable way.

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In Greater Copenhagen, Unibio has teamed up with the leading international knowledge institute within bio-engineering and fermentation: The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which houses more than 150 companies, both Danish and foreign, at its science park DTU science park.

“We are basically embedded within the university. They have created all the necessary infrastructure to support industrial fermentation. As a startup you can’t afford to set up this infrastructure yourself – so it is crucial to be able to tap into such infrastructure as well as all the knowhow building up a bio-industrial player” 

AUTH-START- Henrik Busch Larsen, CEO, Unibio.AUTH-END

The Technical University of Denmark excels in collaborating with industry and was the only Nordic university listed on Reuters’ World’s Most Innovative Universities in 2018.

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The Danish government backs and supports knowledge-intensive industries and companies, and Denmark has a comprehensive range of public funding programmes available for business.

Unibio has received millions of funding from the Innovation Fund Denmark and the Danish Energy Agency.

“At the time when we got the funding, it was a lot of money for our company. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for this funding being available” 

AUTH-START- Henrik Busch Larsen, CEO, Unibio.AUTH-END

Funding opportunities are particularly focused on research and development activities and are available to Danish as well as foreign businesses. Just by registering an entity in Denmark, foreign companies will be able to apply for funding on equal terms with Danish businesses.