Circular sustainable production

Greater Copenhagen is a competitive location to manufacture and export high-value products in a circular sustainable way, making it highly attractive for those who wish to reap environmental benefits and financial savings.

Greater Copenhagen is perhaps better known globally for its high-quality research and development, specifically within the pharma, biotech, food and cleantech sectors. But the region is also becoming an increasingly competitive location to manufacture and export high-value products in a circular sustainable way.

Cleantech goals

Not only does almost half the electricity produced in Denmark come from sustainable, green wind power, Greater Copenhagen also offers an eco-system enabling a circular sustainable approach to production.

One industry’s waste is another industry’s resource

Kalundborg, which is located just a one-hour drive from Copenhagen, is home to the world’s first large-scale industrial symbiosis with a circular approach to production.

24 million in annual green savings

Here, large production companies such as Novo Nordisk, Equinor and Novozymes exchange resources: energy, water and materials in closed loops through a series of pipelines.

The tenet is that one industry’s waste is another industry’s resource, making the community a model of environmental sustainability.

Companies participating in this circular exchange not only reap environmental benefits, but also financial savings. In 2015, companies participating annually saved around 24 million Euros on their bottom line.

Sites available for sustainable production ...

The industrial area of Kalundborg has significant know-how and local talent with expertise particularly within the bio-manufacturing and bio-refining spaces.

Large sites for production facilities are available in the area, not least in the Port of Kalundborg which is expanding in 2018 with 330,000 square metres.

... at competitive costs and easy permitting

These locations offer production facilities sites at competitive costs and are ideal for companies that need to move fast and build quickly.

The ease of permitting in Denmark is second to none, and together with Denmark’s flexible labour regulation, companies benefit from a low-risk environment for circular sustainable production.

No 1 in the world for dealing with construction permits