Flux Partners Chooses Copenhagen Over Stockholm for Nordic Headquarters

May 3, 2024 The Duth consultancy firm Flux Partners expands to Copenhagen creating 35 jobs in the capital.

In a significant win for Denmark’s business landscape, Flux Partners, a leading provider of tender management, project management, sustainability integration, and procurement optimization services, has chosen Copenhagen as the location for its Nordic headquarters.

The investment by Flux Partners is expected to create 35 jobs in Denmark in the coming years, further boosting the local economy. 


“Copenhagen Capacity has been instrumental in our successful establishment in Denmark. Their strategic advice and connections with essential service providers have been invaluable.”

Managing Director – Nordic Lead of Flux Partners, Ásbjørn Dalgaard.

Flux Partners’ decision to choose Copenhagen over Stockholm underscores the city’s growing appeal as a hub for businesses focusing on sectors crucial for the green transition, such as infrastructure, construction, and energy. Furthermore, Copenhagen is geographically placed in a strategic position for the company’s further expansions to the Nordic countries. 

Copenhagen Capacity is proud to have played an important role in Flux Partners’ integration into the Danish ecosystem by offering strategic consultancy and connections to local service providers. 


“We are thrilled to welcome Flux Partners to Copenhagen. Their decision to establish their Nordic headquarters here is a strong endorsement of our city’s business-friendly environment and our commitment to the green transition. We have big ambitions in Copenhagen, but we know that we don’t have all the solutions ourselves, and that’s why we welcome strong international companies with open arms.” 

Asbjørn Overgaard, CEO of Copenhagen Capacity.

At Copenhagen Capacity we will continue to work on attracting international companies to set up a business in Copenhagen, contributing to the city and Denmark’s economic growth and job creation. We look forward to welcoming more companies like Flux Partners in the future.


Read more about Flux Partners and what they do here: https://flux.partners/en/ 

オリバー・ホール / Oliver Hall
Head of Tech Investments - Europe & Japan