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Copenhagen Welcomes Yingli Solar's Expansion into Denmark's Green Energy Sector

6 March, 2024

The Chinese enterprise Yingli Solar, a frontrunner in the global solar energy industry expands to Copenhagen.

World-leading semiconductor manufacturer is expanding with 125 jobs in Frederikssund

26 January, 2024

Topsil GlobalWafers announces major expansion in Denmark

Benefits vs drawbacks of hiring internationals in Danish SMEs

31 October, 2023

Insights and tips from Tina Høst Jørgensen, General Manager and Co-owner of ProMeasure Consulting.

Tokyo-based DeepTech Company Scurid Expands to Copenhagen

25 October, 2023

DeepTech company Scurid recently announced the establishment of its new EU HQ in Copenhagen.

Ukrainian Software company Defies War and Opens Nordic Headquarter in Copenhagen

3 October, 2023

Despite the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, IT company Diceus, based in Kyiv, has chosen to open a Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen to strengthen its presence in the region. This move is seen as both a strategic expansion and a recognition of the support Denmark and its people have provided to Ukraine.

Beta Mobility Expands to Copenhagen: Accelerating Green Mobility Solutions in the Nordics

4 September, 2023

In a strategic move to improve its presence in the Nordic region and contribute to the ongoing green transition in cities, Beta Mobility, a renowned Norwegian team of mobility experts, has chosen Copenhagen for its latest expansion.

Copenhagen Capacity To Secure Critical Competencies for Denmark's Green Transition

27 September, 2022

Copenhagen Capacity and 37 partners across sectors will guarantee the necessary competencies to successfully transition into a greener society in the 41 million DKK "Competencies For a Green Denmark" project.

Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors policy-recommendations

22 August, 2022

Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors present four policy-recommendations to the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen at the network’s annual seminar

Copenhagen Capacity Joins the UN Global Compact

18 August, 2022

We are proud to announce that Copenhagen Capacity has joined the UN Global Compact and will work even more systematically with sustainability in the future.

New information site for people affected by the war in Ukraine

22 March, 2022

At Copenhagen Capacity, we would like to express our solidarity and support to everybody affected by the war in Ukraine and wish to support those who have decided to live and work in Denmark temporarily or permanently.

The future of investment promotion

14 April, 2021

What would it take to become the best Investment Promotion Agency by 2025? The Future Place Leadership have investigated this question in a new white paper initiated in collaboration with Copenhagen Capacity.

Leading construction company is opening their Nordic base of operation in Copenhagen

18 March, 2021

DPR Construction is a commercial construction company specializing in technically sophisticated projects. Following their expansion into Europe and with the help of Copenhagen Capacity, DPR has identified and chosen Copenhagen as the ideal location for their Nordic base of operations.

Turkish smart-city company opens its Nordic headquarter in Greater Copenhagen

21 December, 2020

INTETRA, the Turkish innovator of intelligent transport solutions is expanding to Greater Copenhagen with help from Copenhagen Capacity. INTETRA is a market leader in Turkey and has now decided to magnify to Copenhagen to increase its scale as well as tabbing into Copenhagen’s innovative tech eco-system.

Japanese Web Design Hits the Nordics

15 December, 2020

Garden Eight is a multi-award-winning digital production team from Japan specialising in visual design, web design and web development. Founded in Asakusabashi, Tokyo in 2011, this studio has just opened their European headquarters in Copenhagen – and launch this year.

The GameDev hub in Greater Copenhagen is looking for skilled talent

11 November, 2020

With more game developers and studios per capita than almost anywhere else on earth, Malmö and Copenhagen are the ideal place to be for talents within the gaming industry.

Digital transformation giant opens Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen

17 September, 2020

British business Venquis, who helps clients recruit business change and transformation specialists, is expanding into the Nordics with a new Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen. Denmark’s digital drive fits perfectly with Venquis’ vision, and the client spread and proximity to other markets added to Copenhagen’s appeal.

Budgetaftale afsætter midler til vækst og arbejdspladser

3 September, 2020

Et stort flertal på Københavns Rådhus har landet budgetaftalen 2021. Politikerne afsætter de næste tre år i alt seks millioner kroner til at trække flere udenlandske talenter, virksomheder og investeringer til byen – en indsats, der skal skabe arbejdspladser, og som Copenhagen Capacity varetager.

Talent-uger sætter spot på at trække internationale tech-talenter til Danmark

2 September, 2020

Copenhagen Capacity og DigitalLead tilbyder nu seminarrækken ”TalentWeeks”, der hjælper danske it-virksomheder til at tiltrække og fastholde internationale kollegaer.

It-virksomheder til online jobmesse

2 September, 2020

Vi skal holde godt fast på de udenlandske it-specialister, der har fundet vej til Danmark. På et online matchmaking-event for danske tech-virksomheder og udenlandske it-eksperter opsagt under corona-krisen sikrede Copenhagen Capacity, at knap 20 procent af deltagerne igen er i spil til et job i Danmark.

UN: Denmark remains world champion in digital government

15 July, 2020

Denmark comes out top in new E-Government Survey by the UN, which ranks 193 countries in terms of their digital government readiness and implementation.