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Officially the best country to invest in: Denmark leads this year’s Global Opportunity Index

Denmark has scored the top spot in the Global Opportunity Index 2024, surpassing Sweden for first place! This Index is designed to inform businesses searching for global opportunities about every country’s position in terms of attractiveness and ease of doing business. 


The Global Opportunity Index explained 

Simply put, The Global Opportunity Index (GOI) is supposed to help businesses and investors understand which countries are easy and potentially profitable to invest in.  

It does so by assessing each country in the world based on 100 indicators, split into five main categories: Business Perception or ease of doing business, Economic Fundamentals or macroeconomic performance, Financial Services or the breadth of the financial system, Institutional Framework or safeguarding of rights, and the International Standards or economic openness.  

The GOI remains a strong predictor of capital movements ten years after its inception.   

The Milken Institute

 Figure 1: GOI Categories and Subcategories

           Figure 1: GOI Categories and Subcategories


How did Denmark get the first place?  

The answer is very straightforward—Denmark consistently scored top positions across all the categories, especially in ease of doing business, where Denmark got first place in the world. This is all due to the robust regulatory framework and simplified bureaucratic procedures.  

Denmark also scored third in the world in macroeconomic performance. The green tech and pharmaceutical sectors played the most significant part in it, alongside the low unemployment rates and one of the highest GDP per hour worked in the world.  

Denmark also got eighth, twelfth, and fourteenth places worldwide in Institutional Framework, International Standards, and Financial Services, respectively. 


Copenhagen Capacity’s contribution  

We at Copenhagen Capacity continue to inform more people about the opportunities available in Denmark.  

At Copenhagen Capacity, we’ve been privileged to guide hundreds of international businesses as they establish themselves in the region, and we are very proud of this ranking. Our committed team is ready to help you set up your business here. 

Asbjørn Overgaard, CEO of Copenhagen Capacity 

Want to be next to discover your opportunities in Denmark? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll tell you all about them! 

Find out more about The Global Opportunity Index 2024 here. 

Klaus Rovsing Kristiansen
Deputy Director of Investment Promotion & Head of Analysis