Greater Copenhagen is home to Europe’s third largest food cluster, offering access to world-class food producers, research-intensive universities and strong business partners.

Food products and food technology ‘made in Denmark’ are synonymous with high quality, safety and excellent hygiene. As a result, producers of food additives in Denmark export 95% of their goods and producers of processing equipment export 80% of their goods.

Greater Copenhagen is home to Europe’s third largest food cluster, offering access to world-class producers of foods and beverages, research-intensive universities, leading public and private business partners, specialist competencies and advanced technological knowhow.

Danish ingredients industry share of the global market

This infographic shows that the Danish ingredients industry accounted for 15 pct.

Danish Agriculture and Food Council 2016

Global industry leader

Danish companies are world leading in food additives such as enzymes, probiotics and natural sweeteners and food colouring.

Food additives

Globally, the demand is growing for food ingredients to promote health, ensure food safety and longer shelf life as well as to optimise production processes in the food industry.

Denmark holds a strong global position supplying 14% of all bio ingredients, probiotics, sweeteners, proteins and emulsifiers to the global food ingredients industry.

Key strenghts in the Danish food additives sector:

  • Manufacturing expertise and knowhow throughout the value chain.
  • Collaboration with world-class universities.
  • Access to highly-skilled employees.
  • Leading companies such as Novozymes, Chr. Hansen, DuPont Nutrition and Health, Arla Foods Ingredients and Cargill Nordic are all headquartered in Denmark.
  • Clear political focus on the food industry.

Food technologies

Greater Copenhagen’s food cluster offers unique business opportunities for producers of food processing equipment and technologies. Companies developing innovative solutions have a strong platform to test and market products at an early stage. More than 80% of all food processing equipment, machinery and robots produced in Denmark are being exported.

Quality as a business driver

Quality is the competitive strategy of 82% of the companies in the food sector in Greater Copenhagen. This ongoing drive for higher food quality and efficient production is a main driver of innovation.

Key areas of Danish production technology include:

  • Advanced packaging solutions.
  • Beverage production and safety technology.
  • Automation of processes and safety at slaughterhouses.
  • Technology for production of advanced chocolate products.
  • Automated production lines for industrial scale bakeries.

People employed in food and agriculture in Greater Copenhagen

This infographic shows that 25000+ people are employed in food and agriculture in Greater Copenhagen.
Statistics Denmark 2017

Food safety

Denmark is a food safety world leader, owing to highly efficient and reliable food and veterinary controls as well as close cooperation between the industry and the food safety authorities. The high quality of Danish food products has resulted in food production accounting for 20% of Denmark's total exports.