Greater Copenhagen’s tech startup community is booming. Meet innovative entrepreneurs, find new business partners and discover disruptive technologies to boost your business – we are here to assist you.

Denmark is one of the most digitised and innovative countries in Europe. Our bustling, creative startup scene has fostered some of the world’s most successful tech companies and disruptive startups within AI, big data, block chain, healthtech and IoT.

Denmark is home to 22% of the scaleups in the Nordics – and together the Nordic countries have almost 6 times as many scaleups as the average country in continental Europe, and 9 times more than in Southern Europe.

Skype, Unity, Trustpilot, Podio, JustEat and Milestones

Denmark’s progressive focus on digitising the public sector, the high IT adaption in businesses, and generous support schemes for entrepreneurs have created a vibrant tech startup community in Greater Copenhagen.

It has fostered global success companies such as Skype, Unity, Trustpilot, Podio, JustEat, Momondo and Milestones, and the next generation of startups is more than ready to challenge their supremacy.

Tapping into Greater Copenhagen’s innovative startups your company can find new business, disrupt products and procedures, and improve your customer offering.

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Why look to Greater Copenhagen’s startup scene?

  • The Nordics had 50% of all BUSD exits in Europe between 2005 and 2016.
  •  Denmark is an innovation powerhouse, ranking 3rd on the European Innovation Scoreboard. 
  • Denmark is Europe’s most digital nation and the Danes are very early adopters.
  •  Greater Copenhagen has highly-skilled, innovative talent from top tech universities.
  •  Greater Copenhagen attracted the 2nd most startup investments in the Nordics in 2016.
  • Denmark is home to 22% of the around 430 scaleups in the Nordics.
  • The Nordic countries have 1.6 scaleups for every 100,000 people, which is 2.5 times the ratio in the UK, almost 6 times the average ratio in continental Europe, and 9 times the ratio of Southern Europe.

In the existing big established systems people are often blind to innovation. They lack the juice of innovation which I think we have in Copenhagen at this very moment. Denmark wins the European championship of technology soccer again and again, although we’re a tiny country.

Morten Lund | investor and entrepreneur

IBM, Bosch and Volvo expand R&D in Greater Copenhagen

In 2016, Bosch and Volvo Cars set up software development centres in Lund, Greater Copenhagen, recruiting developers locally with extensive experience in fields such as embedded software solutions, connectivity and software security.

IBM is also expanding its global activities in Greater Copenhagen with a new client innovation centre in the heart of Copenhagen. 250 IT professionals will be employed at the new centre, working with ground-breaking technologies within big data and cognitive computing.

We turn science into business

Greater Copenhagen is home to several innovation and test labs and experimental spaces where creativity and entrepreneurial spirit flow and aim to enhance cooperation between startups, business and other partners.

DTU Skylab at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) offers 1500 m2 of workshops and office facilities which can be used for free to support student innovation and entrepreneurship at DTU.

DTU Science Park provides access to laboratories, prototype workshops and conference centre, facilitating network with other companies and entrepreneurs as well as close collaboration with some of the best scientists at the Technical University of Denmark.

DOLL – The Danish Outdoor Living Lab – is Europe's largest test field, showroom and innovation hub within intelligent lighting and Smart City, addressing the needs of the emerging smart and connected cities. More than 35 partners demonstrate their intelligent street lighting and Smart City solutions at DOLL.

SingularityU Nordic is a 5,000 m2 innovation hub in the heart of Copenhagen Science City. It is the first major innovation hub opened by Singularity University outside Silicon Valley. The Singularity University community is driving positive change in the areas of health, environment, security, prosperity, education, energy, food, water, space, disaster resilience, shelter and governance.

Symbion Science Park is Denmark’s largest co-working space with more than 30 years of experience in creating a supportive environment for startups, seasoned entrepreneurs and growth companies. The park offers two growth programmes; talent incubator and accelerace, and the companies of the park mainly work within the fields of healthtech, information technology, consultancy and funding.

Danish startups raise billions in seed capital and equity funding

The grass-roots organisation #CPHFTW is a central player, representing and working for the tech startups in Greater Copenhagen and Denmark with strong focus on building relationships, knowledge and awareness in the startup community.

Every year, TechBBQ gathers up to 3,000 entrepreneurs, companies and investors in the heart of Copenhagen at the largest tech startup and innovation summit in Denmark. It’s a great opportunity to scout for new business partners and technology.

And that is exactly what many investors have done. In 2015, USD 6.5 billion capital was raised in the Nordics. Danish scaleups raised 1.3 times more capital than their Finnish counterparts, although Finland has aroung 1.3 more scaleups than Denmark.

A viable incubation and funding network has been established in the last few years. Not only many local venture capital investors, including Vaekstfonden, SEED Capital, Northzone, Creandum and Northcap Partners, but also Index Ventures and a number of other pan-European VCs are doing investments in Copenhagen.

Ben Holmes | Partner at Index Ventures

Greater Copenhagen is a talent hub

Greater Copenhagen ranks top in terms of university-industry cooperation and offers Scandinavia’s most knowledge-intensive research and business environment.

The level of education is very high, everyone speaks perfect English, the pool of tech talent is extremely deep and, more importantly, it is available.

Guillaume Durao | Investment Director, Idinvest Partners

Tech companies and startups will find many highly-qualified people for jobs in both management and engineering, owing to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which is one of the leading engineering institutions in Europe, and Copenhagen Business School, which is one of Europe’s largest business schools.