Denmark is a strong and historically stable economy, located at the centre of prosperous Scandinavia. Greater Copenhagen is the largest market in Scandinavia, offering competitive taxation and labour costs and highly skilled employees.

Denmark is located in Europe’s most prosperous region from which trade with the Nordic countries, Western and Central Europe as well as the expanding economies of Eastern Europe is easy. Greater Copenhagen is the largest market in Scandinavia, providing access to 100 million affluent consumers in Northern Europe within 24 hours.

Furthermore, Denmark's membership of the European Union provides unrestricted access to a total EU market of 350 million people.

Denmark is Europe’s best country for doing business

This infographic shows that Denmark is Europe’s best country for doing business.

The World Bank 2019

Tax advantages and low labour costs

The Danish economy is rated AAA by all major agencies including Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch.

Companies investing in Denmark do not only profit from an attractive macroeconomic climate, but also from competitive conditions in relation to taxation. Denmark offers a number of tax advantages and favourable rules on depreciation as well as in relation to research and development (R&D) activities.

Uniquely among the Nordic countries, Denmark has no double taxation for Danish companies with branches abroad.

Furthermore, Denmark offers highly competitive labour costs. Employers in Denmark pay the world’s lowest social contribution rate; less than one percent per employee per year (maximum EUR 1,350).

Flexible and productive labour force

Competitive labour costs and high productivity levels make the Danish workforce one of the most efficient in Europe.

Employees in Denmark are highly skilled and flexible owing to free access to education, a long tradition of active labour market policies and a well-developed adult learning system.

A leading export economy

Denmark’s total exports for 2014 were valued at 183.5 billion euros.

Trade to GDP ratio

This shows the trade to GDP ratio for a selection of countries, including Denmark with the highest ratio.

IMD 2019

The Danish economy features state-of-the-art industry with world-leading companies in life sciences, cleantech and renewable energy, food, Smart City and ICT, fashion, film and computer game production as well as transport and logistics.

Denmark is a net exporter of food, energy, pharmaceuticals and enzymes. The country’s main trade partners are Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States.