Sustainable construction is a strong and growing sector in Denmark, based on more than 40 years of expertise in energy efficiency in buildings and building renovation.

Government incentives and favourable framework conditions set the scene for green innovation, and public sector regulations demand sustainable solutions in all future construction and renovation projects.

Sustainable strongholds in Denmark

  • The Danish government demands green solutions in all future construction and renovation projects
  • The industry excels in developing system solutions
  • Readiness to test new solutions
  • Highly qualified workforce: Denmark offers the highest level of education in the building sector of all EU countries
  • Strong in technological solutions, including sensor technology
  • Future research area: recycling of materials to lower CO2 in industrial production

Public sector incentives drive the green agenda

Denmark’s public sector is one of the sustainable construction industry’s major entrepreneurs. The Danish government and a number of coalition partners have recently passed one of the world’s most ambitious energy agreements, running from 2012-2020, that aims at investing DKK 60 million in energy efficiency initiatives.

Independent of foreign fossil fuels by 2050

Also, Denmark’s political objective to become independent of foreign fossil fuels by 2050 have resulted in the strictest building regulations in the world and are a driver for new sustainable solutions that surpass current restrictions. This is why developing sustainable solutions has become the guiding principle in all areas of the value chain in Denmark’s sustainable construction industry.

Open for test & demo

Time to market is short in Denmark, as finding local partners to test and demonstrate concepts is easy. Denmark has companies across the entire value chain of sustainable construction, ready to enter new partnerships and to test new solutions. Also, the Danes are open to integrate testing in their everyday lives.

Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, Scion DTU and State of Green have established the Cleantech Facilitator: a tool for finding and creating test and demonstration projects in Denmark. Search for sites and partners for joint demonstration projects in small or full scale.