We will be carbon-neutral by 2025

In aiming to become the first carbon-neutral capital by 2025, Copenhagen is a frontrunner in green transformation, renewable energy, upcycling and recycling, green mobility and smart city solutions.

Copenhagen's ambitious climate target has sparked a strong commitment to green transportation, water and waste management, sustainable buildings and renewable energy such as wind power, solar energy, green energy plants and biofuels.

Cleantech goals

We invite you to a city committed to:

  • Being the frontrunner in green transformation, renewable energy, upcycling and recycling, and green transportation.
  • Reducing congestion and pollution to improve citizens' health and quality of life.
  • Offering leading test & demo facilities for photonics, smart grid, intelligent lighting and other smart city solutions.
  • Developing tomorrow's sustainable energy supply with wind power, solar energy and biofuels.

9% increase in Danish exports of green goods and services from 2013-2014

Copenhagen’s 2025 Climate Plan

Copenhagen’s 2025 Climate Plan is part of the city’s green growth strategy, which includes inviting leading international innovation projects, researchers and companies to Greater Copenhagen. By 2025, around 27-34 billion euros are expected to be invested in sustainable mobility and energy consumption and production, as well as in the latest smart city, smart grid and intelligent lighting solutions.

Greater Copenhagen has leading green test & demo facilities:

  • The Resource City, a test centre for waste management, upcycling and recycling.
  • The Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab (DOLL), a world-leading test city for photonics and intelligent lighting solutions.
  • The Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis, a renowned example of industrial ecology with four industrial facilities collaborating to use each other’s by-products and share resources - a power plant, an oil refinery, a plasterboard plant and a pharmaceuticals production plant, as well as the Kalundborg Municipality, supplying water, electricity and district heating to its citizens.

Copenhagen was selected the European Green Capital 2014 by the European Commission

Copenhagen selected the European Green Capital 2014