1. Europe's easiest place for doing business

The World Bank has ranked Denmark the easiest place to do business in Europe in 2012-2019.

2. Low company tax

Denmark's company tax rate is 22%, which is below the average OECD and European level.

3. Europe's most flexible labour market

Greater Copenhagen offers the most flexible hiring and firing legislation in Europe, providing ideal conditions for up-scaling and down-scaling.

4. Competitive business costs

Danish social security rates and employer costs are the lowest in Europe. Copenhagen is 15-20% cheaper than Stockholm in terms of salary, social security costs and office rent when comparing the total costs of a business operation such as a Scandinavian headquarters or shared services center.

5. Scandinavia's talent hub

Greater Copenhagen has Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base of highly-skilled employees, as well as Scandinavia’s biggest pool of private and public sector researchers.

6. The logistics capital of Scandinavia

Copenhagen links continental Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, providing access to a market of 100 million consumers, as well as Scandinavia’s highest density of businesses and population. The Copenhagen Airport was declared the best airport in Northern Europe at the World Airport Awards 2015 and has the most intercontinental, European, Scandinavian and Baltic connections of all the Scandinavian airports.

7. Easy interaction with public authorities

Denmark consistently achieves top rankings in Transparency International’s study of perceived corruption in public sectors worldwide. The Danish public sector is known for its low level of bureaucracy and red tape, as well as for easy interaction with public authorities.

8. The world's most liveable city

Copenhagen was awarded the World’s Most Liveable City Award 2013 and 2014 by the international magazine Monocle.

9. Highest concentrations of knowledge

With 12,000 researchers, 15 science parks and 14 universities and other colleges of higher education with top rankings for university-industry cooperation, Greater Copenhagen offers Scandinavia’s most knowledge-rich research and business environment.

10. Best for tests and demonstrations

Denmark is known worldwide for its high-quality, ground-breaking research and development, and is valued as a leading test market for ICT, cleantech, smart grid and smart city solutions.

10. Low corporate tax

In 2016, Denmark will lower the corporate tax rate to 22% from the current rate of 23.5%, placing Denmark below the average OECD and European level.