Set up business

Denmark is consistently ranked Europe’s easiest place for business. Getting started is just as easy and we can assist you in all aspects of establishing your business in Greater Copenhagen.

We have assisted international companies in establishing business in Greater Copenhagen for more than 20 years; Nordic headquarters, sales offices, shared services centres, research and development centres, logistics centres and much more.

So we feel confident of saying that our long experience will reduce your time-to-market in Greater Copenhagen.

We can help you all the way:

Copenhagen Capacity's services during company set up

We will help you set up and settle in

Registering a company in Denmark can be done online and usually it takes just a few hours to obtain your company registration number.

Our clients, however, greatly appreciate how we can help with all other matters of getting ready for business, such as finding office space and getting connected with the right people.

We can advice on legal and corporate structure matters, hook you up with lawyers, accountants and banks to get your business infrastructure up and running, recommend office spaces and shared office facilities, and we can introduce you to potential partners, exciting startups, cluster networks, public authorities, research institutions and trade associations.

Our business development consultants can:

  • Provide advice on legal, financial and corporate structure matters.
  • Assist in registering your business with the relevant authorities.
  • Introduce you to lawyers, accountants and banks.
  • Facilitate contact to potential partners, exciting startups, industry networks, public authorities, research institutions, trade associations and chambers of commerce.
  • Recommend office facilities and arrange site visits and meetings with real estate agents.
  • Assist your company in attracting international talent

"Copenhagen Capacity has been a tremendous help ever since we began to consider the Scandinavian market and right until we opened our Scandinavian headquarters in Copenhagen."

separator Mads Emil Kvist Dalsgaard, CMO, Funderbeam

A Danish company is a great platform for Nordic expansion

Denmark offers a unique tax rule according to which foreign branches of a Danish company are generally not subject to paying tax in Denmark.

This makes a Danish company an ideal platform for Nordic and European expansion from which to set up branches in other countries.

Moreover, establishing a company in Denmark is simpler, faster and more cost-efficient than establishing a branch. It only takes a few hours to register a company ready for business whereas it usually takes several weeks, and is more costly, to register a branch.

“We chose Copenhagen because of its prime location with access to a large talent pool in Greater Copenhagen, covering Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden. In Copenhagen, we felt we could create a Nordic headquarters with a high level of professionalism, and this turned out to be true.”

separatorKasper Grønnegaard, Nordic Director of JDE Coffee Retail

Want to set up a business in Greater Copenhagen?

If you want to know more about setting up a business in Greater Copenhagen and how we can assist you in this, please contact Senior Investment Manager, Jørgen Jessen, via email or mobile: 0045 40 95 60 61.