Young Professionals in Denmark is a talent network that addresses the need for highly educated young talent in Danish businesses.

Access to staff with the right skills and qualifications is essential to any business. This is why Copenhagen Capacity is working to attract and retain highly-skilled professionals, researchers and talented students to Greater Copenhagen.

A stronger recruitment base

The Young Professionals in Denmark programme is a career platform for international students and companies in Denmark, addressing the need for highly educated young talent in Danish businesses. It aims to increase the number of international full-degree students from Danish universities that find full-time employment with Danish companies and organisations after completing their studies.

Markets Denmark as a career and study destination

The Young Professionals in Denmark is a global network of around 550 talented international students from more than 65 countries worldwide. All network members are studying, or have studied, in Denmark.

The programme is working to market Denmark as a leading study and career destination, as well as to promote Danish business, culture and academic programmes to students and selected higher education institutions worldwide.

While studying in Denmark, network members take part in a career development programme that provides them with the professional tools and network to land their first job in Denmark.

Young Professionals in Denmark is run by Copenhagen Capacity in collaboration with a range of private and public partners.

Visit the Young Professionals in Denmark website here.