Get export help!

Achieve your export goals with an international export practitioner from our well-established Talent Pool.

Go International is our challenge to your company. A challenge to move you forward and to help you achieve the international success that you are aiming for.

Based on your company’s export strategy, we search our Talent Pool with more than 4000 highly skilled international candidates and help you find the new employee that will take your company forward.

See open positions with our partner companies.

DPA Microphones aims to hire the very best talent. Through Go International, Copenhagen Capacity helped us find a great candidate for our North American market. With his background and hard work, our new employee helped us get a better understanding of the market potential, which was truly a deciding factor for our export success in USA.

separator- Niels Jørgen Øhrgaard | Executive Vice President, DPA Microphones

With Go International it is our aim to help your company achieve success. Therefore, we have partnered with DJØF and Copenhagen Business School’s MBA program to offer your new employee a dedicated mentorship program as well as a mini MBA level export course. This will give your new employee the very best starting point to achieve success at your company.

With Go International your company will get:

  • Help to find an export practitioner with native knowledge of the business culture and language of your export market
  • A dedicated business mentor for your export consultant.
  • Mini MBA level export course for your new employee
  • Better information on your markets and the ability to provide better products and services

The partners behind Go International

Go International is a partnership between Copenhagen Capacity, DJØF and Copenhagen Business School.

Some of the participating companies:

DPA Microphones
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