Expose your jobs on Greater Copenhagen Career Portal

Looking for more relevant candidates to your open positions? Let us crawl your job postings on to the Greater Copenhagen Career Portal to drive traffic directly to your vacancies.

Displaying open jobs, the Greater Copenhagen Career Portal is a matchmaking platform facilitating the contact between companies in Greater Copenhagen and qualified international candidates who wants to pursue a career here.

Campaigns to increase job exposure

You will get your own company page on the career portal, where you are free to design with text, images and videos. Your job postings will appear on your company page and on the overall job page.

Every spring and autumn, Copenhagen Capacity will boost traffic to your jobs through targeted campaigns marketing the career portal.

Why join?

  • Exposure to international candidates who can be hard to reach through traditional recruitment channels.
  • Increased traffic of relevant applicants directly to your website and job postings.
  • Easy crawling of your open jobs in Greater Copenhagen.
  • Biannual marketing campaigns to increase visitor traffic to your open jobs.
  • AI system implemented on the career portal to automatically screen and match candidates with your job posts.
  • Access to and matchmaking with +40,000 motivated and mobile candidates. Read more about matchmaking here.

Take a look at the Greater Copenhagen Career Portal:

Career portal

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