Join our international recruitment campaigns to get highly-qualified senior candidates with minimum 3-5 years’ experience for your open positions.

Copenhagen Capacity works closely with companies in Greater Copenhagen to launch recruitment campaigns targeted at international candidates with minimum 3-5 years’ job experience.

The campaigns originate in the recruitment needs of the companies we work with, tending to be in life sciences, tech/IT and engineering.

Increase your outreach

Joining a campaign is an add-on to your existing recruitment strategy. It will reach passive candidates outside your usual recruitment channels, thereby exposing your jobs to highly-qualified, sought after profiles. The campaigns market Greater Copenhagen as an attractive career destination. By emphasising compelling factors such as excellent quality of life, empowerment at work and the unique Danish work-life balance, the campaigns tap into the benefits and advantages of living in Denmark. Our experience shows that these advantages are a real edge, making a career move appeal to both candidates and their families.

Why join?

  • Get highly-qualified, pre-screened candidates, matching your recruitment needs.
  • Access international candidates outside your usual recruitment channels.
  • Achieve high international exposure of your company and open positions in Greater Copenhagen.
  • Save time and resources with a shortlist of screened candidates for your open jobs.
  • Get access to relevant candidates after campaign ending through our matchmaking service.

Upcoming talent attraction campaigns

  • Green Transition Talent | March 2022 - June 2022
  • Engineering Talent | April 2022 - June 2022
  • IT/Tech Talent | Fall/Winter 2022

How it works

  • Campaigns run intensively for 8-10 weeks. .
  • Your company will receive 5-10 pre-screened candidates for each job you include in the campaign.
  • Participation fee:
  • 30,000 DKK for up to 3 jobs.
  • 5,000 DKK for each additional job.

Overall, I am really impressed by the candidates delivered, the effectiveness of the campaign and the quality delivered by Copenhagen Capacity. Compared to candidates we’ve received from recruitment companies, I am impressed with the level and spread. It has been a pleasure working with Copenhagen Capacity – the only negative thing I can think of is that my own involvement could have been better. WELL DONE!

Tonny Rabjerg | CEO, Codesealer, participated in the fintech campaign in spring 2017

How our international campaigns work

Great results from previous campaigns!

Here are some examples:

IT/Tech campaign

A campaign to attract international IT specialists and developers to open jobs in Greater Copenhagen-based companies.

Campaign period: Nov. 2017 - Nov. 2018


  • 19.9 mill. impressions
  • 93,887 unique website visitors
  • 1,182 job applicants
  • 314 screened candidates delivered to companies

Engineer campaign

A campaign to attract talented international engineers to open jobs in Greater Copenhagen-based companies.

Campaign period: Sep. 2017 - July 2018


  • 23.9 mill. impressions
  • 203,528 unique website visitors
  • 616 job applicants
  • 192 screened candidates delivered to companies

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