Company Challenge

Strengthen your company's reputation as a workplace and attract the most skilled young professionals.

The Company Challenge is a free service to businesses in Denmark, providing you with the opportunity to handpick the best talent and strengthen your company's reputation as a workplace. 

Based on your company's needs, Copenhagen Capacity will select a group of talented international students for an intensive day at your company, where they will solve a case based on a challenge your company is currently facing. 

Benefits for your company

  • Expand your recruitment network among candidates matching your company's profile.
  • Create awareness of your company as a workplace among foreign students, who often have limited knowledge of Danish companies.
  • Experience and test potential employees in a real-life work situation.
  • Get new perspectives and possible solutions to a specific business challenge.

We really enjoyed the Company Challenge event, and we were very impressed by the students' insights, presentations, ideas and solutions.

separator- Alex Berger| HR Project Coordinator, Employer Branding, Biogen Idec

Attract, retain and develop skilled employees

The Company Challenge is both for companies with a current recruitment need and for companies working long-term to attract, retain and develop skilled employees.

Copenhagen Capacity's talent network consists of international students enrolled in, or having recently graduated from a higher education at Copenhagen Business School, the University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark, Aarhus University or Aalborg University.

The students are all members of the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps, which is a network of more than 500 international students in Denmark from 65 countries.

Your contribution

All your company will have to do is to:

  • Develop a Company Challenge case.
  • Facilitate the Company Challenge day in collaboration with Copenhagen Capacity.