Do you need facts to prove your success in Greater Copenhagen?

Our experts can assist you in building a strong business case for your Danish operations. Copenhagen offers the best business environment in Scandinavia in terms of business costs, rent, salary expenses and quality factors such as labour availability, flexibility and infrastructure.

As a result, Greater Copenhagen is Scandinavia’s most attractive and cost-efficient location for your Nordic headquarters and business expansion in the Nordics. This is not new to you – but how about the management at your international headquarters?

Our new Scandinavian customer service centre in Copenhagen enables us to offer customers an even better service than before – while keeping costs down. Our industry is experiencing fierce competition and unprecedented pricing pressure, and only those who are efficient and cost conscious will survive

Peder Stedal, Managing Director, Elgiganten Denmark

Opportunities for your company

If your company’s circumstances are changing in a way that could affect its corporate structure and your organisation in Greater Copenhagen, we can assist in identifying the best opportunities for your company.

Our business consultants can help when you:

  • Need to justify your company’s presence in Denmark to your international headquarters
  • Are considering centralising/consolidating business activities in Scandinavia
  • Want to add new business functions to your organisation in Denmark

Copenhagen is ideal for Nestlé’s business strategy for the Nordics. Denmark is a leader in food and nutritional sciences, and Greater Copenhagen is home to many educational institutions, supplying the labour market with skilled talent relevant for our business

Peter Svensson, CEO, Nestlé Nordic

Compare Copenhagen to 400 alternative locations

Denmark offers the world's lowest employer costs. Employers pay less than 1% per employee per year in social contributions (maximum 1,350 Euro) – in Sweden it is 30%.

Hiring and firing can happen almost from one day to the next, owing to Denmark’s flexible labour market, generous social security and active labour market policy.

These are just two of many advantages of doing business in Greater Copenhagen, which Copenhagen Capacity can help you dig out.

We can assist you with:

  • Comprehensive benchmarks, enabling you to objectively compare Copenhagen to more than 400 global locations on parameters such as salary, office rents and qualitative factors
  • Best practices from other companies who has been through a similar process
  • Analysis and arguments for why Copenhagen is a great business location

We made our decision after careful consideration based on good advice from Copenhagen Capacity. We chose Copenhagen for our Nordic headquarters because of its prime location with access to a large talent pool in Greater Copenhagen, covering Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden

Kasper Grønnegaard, Nordic Director of JDE Coffee Retail