Let us help you retain, expand and develop your business in Greater Copenhagen

Our experts can assist you free of charge and in full confidentiality to build a strong business case for your Danish operation.

If you are located in Greater Copenhagen, and your company’s circumstances are changing in a way that could affect its corporate structure, we can assist in identifying the best opportunities in Greater Copenhagen for your company.

Scandinavia’s most cost-efficient location for regional headquarters and business expansion

Copenhagen offers the best business environment in Scandinavia in terms of cost, rent, salary and quality factors such as labor availability, flexibility and infrastructure.

Lowest social security cost

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • You need to justify your company’s location in Denmark to your international HQ
  • You are considering regionalizing/centralizing your Scandinavian activities
  • You are considering adding new business functions to your Danish organization e.g. Innovation, R&D or Supply Chain

We can assist you with the following:

  • Comprehensive benchmarking service, enabling you to objectively compare your location with more than 400 global locations within parameters such as salary, office rents and qualitative factors
  • Best practices from other companies who has been through a similar process
  • Updated analysis and arguments for why Copenhagen is a great business location