Pharma logistics and supply chain

Greater Copenhagen is your gateway to fast and cost-efficient pharmaceuticals and biotech cool chain in Europe.

Greater Copenhagen is Northern Europe’s hub for pharma logistics and supply chain. An extensive road network, Europe’s most efficient airport and the leading industrial harbour Copenhagen-Malmö Port provide easy and efficient access to Scandinavia, Northern Europe, the Baltics and Russia.


Quote about Greater Copenhage

The Nordic region is the 5th largest phar­maceutical market in Europe.

- OECD Stat. 2014

Cool chain logistics providers in Greater Copenhagen include:

  • World Courier
  • DHL
  • Bring Frigo
  • Express
  • UPS
  • TNT
  • FedEx
  • Kuhne & Nagel

High export rates

  • 90% of pharmaceutical production in Denmark is exported.
  • 136,000 tons of medical products in measured doses traded with EU and EFTA member states in 2014.
  • 11.4% of Denmark’s total exports are pharmaceuticals.

No. 1 in bio-manufacturing

Denmark is the best performing country in continental Europe in terms of low costs and high quality in bio-manufacturing.

Quote about Greater Copenhage

Denmark is number one in bio-manufacturing

Why we chose Greater Copenhagen:

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UNICEF has placed its global supply warehouse and logistics operations in Copenhagen. The geogra­phic location, easy access to international transport hubs and efficient landing rights and customs clea­ring were decisive factors.

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Biogen has placed its European sales office and large production facilities in Greater Copenhagen owing to the local talent pool, the leading life science clu­ster Medicon Valley and competitive operational costs.

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Direct flights throughout Europe, ease of truck deli­veries and Europe’s most flexible labour market were winning factors when major German chemical group Bayer decided to place its Nordic headquar­ters in Copenhagen.

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Novo Nordisk

The leading provider of insulin and enzymes, Novo Nor­disk, chose Greater Copenhagen for its global head­quarters and strategic supply chain.

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PHOENIX Group – Nomeco

Nomeco chose Copenhagen for its new state-of-the-art pharmaceutical warehouse serving the company’s Nordic logistics hub. Excellent infrastructure, inclu­ding the coming Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, tying to­gether Northern Europe, was the decisive factor.