E-commerce in Scandinavia starts in Greater Copenhagen

The Scandinavian e-commerce market is the eighth largest in the world with internet retail sales exceeding 20 billion euros. Greater Copenhagen is your gateway.

With an e-commerce logistics centre in Greater Copenhagen, your company can provide delivery within 24 hours to 100 million consumers in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

The logistics shortcut to Scandinavia and Northern Europe

Greater Copenhagen is located in the heart of Scandinavia and it is the hub for all distribution from Central Europe to Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea.

The large logistics providers PostNord, DHL Express, UPS, TNT and FedEx all use Greater Copenhagen as their logistics hub for the Nordics.


No. 1
in the world for Logistics Management and Green Technology Solutions

– IMD 2014.

Greater Copenhagen offers:

  • The 2nd best distribution infrastructure in the world
    - IMD 2015
  • The 3rd best cyber security in the world 
    - IMD 2015
  • The 3rd highest share of broadband subscribers in the world, measured as subscriptions per capita
    - IMD 2015
  • Scandinavia’s largest airport with 70 airlines going to 365 destinations, expanding to 40 million yearly travellers by 2020.
  • Affluent e-consumers.
  • 76 billion Euro logistics infrastructure investments towards 2020.  
  • The world's best country for connectivity on cellphone and internet use
    - International Telecommunications Union, 2014.
  • Europe's most digital nation measured on connectivity, internet skills and frequency of use for online shopping and news access
    – Digital Economy and Society Index, 2015.


The 3rd best cyber security in the world

- IMD 2015