International recruitment campaigns

Reach and attract international specialists through free recruitment campaigns, promoting Denmark as an attractive career destination.

The Talent Attraction Denmark recruitment campaigns promote Denmark as an attractive career destination to international ICT, cleantech and life sciences professionals, in collaboration with Danish companies.

Targeting passive job seekers, the campaigns are a complement to your company's existing recruitment programme.

Many professionals in the IT industry are so attractive that they are not looking for jobs – it is us with the jobs who are looking for them. For this reason, campaigns branding Denmark through channels other than job portals is a very good way to reach them.

separator- Linda Wendelboe | Public Affairs & Brand Manager, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen

Benefits for your company:

  • Exposure to relevant audiences which are hard to reach through traditional recruitment channels.
  • Increased traffic of relevant applicants to your website and job postings.
  • Participation is free.

Promote your vacancies

The Talent Attraction Denmark campaigns focus on Denmark's exciting professionel environments, the work culture, career opportunities and specific job openings.

Communication channels include scientific journals, LinkedIn, alumni networks,  conferences and other platforms where international specialists seek information about their profession.

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The only requirement to participate in a campaign is that your company has one or more vacancies in the ICT, cleantech or life sciences sector, which can be filled by an international candidate.