Employer branding toolbox

Empower your company's recruitment of international professionals with free marketing materials highlighting life as an expat and employee in Denmark.

Your company's reputation, market position and employee relations play a major role in attracting future employees. Foreign employees must furthermore feel confident about the quality of life in the new country and community in which they are going to set up a new life with their family. 

The Talent Attraction Denmark Toolbox will help your company communicate all this free of charge.

In our international recruitment of specialists to Denmark, it will provide us with great value to get to access additional branding materials based on how it is to live and work in Denmark. The toolbox contains facts translated into illustrative infographics that we can use on our various communication platforms.

separator- Mikal Thorborg | Recruitment Specialist & Employer Branding Consultant, Oticon A/S

Benefits for your company

  • It is an easy way to complement your company's recruitment programme.
  • The materials introduce your future employees to the Danish work culture and management style.
  • The materials introduce the community where your new employee and the accompanying families will be living.
  • All materials are free to use, in English, and available in different formats, which can easily be adapted to your corporate visual identity.

Explore the Talent Attraction Denmark Toolbox

The Toolbox is a complement to your company's existing recruitment efforts towards international workers. It contains free videos, images, infographics and articles in English, explaining your future employees about living and working in Denmark.