Move to DK promotion material

Free promotion material to help you integrate the Move to DK-app in your recruitment.

The Move to DK-app is an information tool that can be applied in your recruitment process of international candidates for job positions in Denmark. The mobile application assists your recruitment and HR department by providing answers and guidelines for many of the practicalities involved in the process of relocating to Denmark.

Below you will find pre-made promotion texts and banners that can be easily integrated in your recruitment material.

Promotion texts

Short description
The ‘Move to DK’ mobile app is your practical guide to moving to Denmark. It will guide you through all the practicalities such as obtaining a work permit as well as assist you in getting to know the Danes and the Danish working culture.

Long description
The ‘Move to DK’ app simplifies the process of relocating to Denmark. It provides a checklist of practicalities to take care of before and after moving.

The app will guide you through three steps: Research, Preparation and Settling in. Each step includes a ‘Things To Do’. The app also offers the opportunity to create your own personal checklist.

When activating the app, you will be asked to set your personal profile entering data such as your nationality, arrival date and potential future home city in Denmark. As a result, you will receive information which is highly relevant to your situation and needs.