Here we have gathered the most essential information and links for your to stay updated with the COVID-19 situation as an international student in Denmark.

Stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 information

  • Information from the Danish authorities about coronavirus/COVID-19, in English here.
  • Ministry of Higher Education and Science shares updated information that can been relevant for the handling of COVID-19, in relation to your education. Read more here.
  • The Danish Health Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen). Read more here.
  • Information for users of the Danish Immigration Service and SIRI. Read more here.


Joint Danish Authorities Hotline
Call +45 7020 0233

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark's Citizen Service
For general advice about travel and foreign affairs.
Call +45 3392 1112

Information from the universities in relation to COVID-19

All universities are ongoingly informing their students about the current situation and how it is affecting them. Make sure to stay up to date with you student email, which will be where you will receive first-hand information.

Read more about how your University is handling the COVID-19 situation here:

Are you finishing a degree this semester?

All universities have gone online, the majority of the exams and thesis defenses will be taking place online with a few requirements.

Read more about how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting your university’s exams and thesis defenses below.

Information about SU – State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme

Find answers to all your questions about your SU related to COVID-19 here.

What does the Danish job market look like right now?

Many Danish industries have difficult times during the corona pandemic, however, there are still companies looking for talent to join them during this time!

Find a new job here:

University job portals:

I lost my job - what are my rights?

If you have lost your job due to the COVID-19 crisis there are a few things you can do. Start by getting in contact with your Trade Union, to get help, information and guidance

I lost my job - where can I find a new or help where needed?

Many have sadly lost their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis. But many industries and companies are still looking for talent to join them during this time, both for shorter and longer periods.

See job portals in English here:

University job portals:

Keep in mind that you could also volunteer, there are many sectors just looking for a couple of helping hands during the crisis, such as the argicultural sector and supermarkets.

Tips on what to do with all free time

During this corona crisis, there are much more time spent at home. You can use this time to learn something new and to gain some new qualities or just improve already existing ones.

Individual career guidance in a time of crisis

Career counselling by the Danish Universities

What about housing in a time of crisis

For many international students this crisis has meant that thy have left for their home countries. All housing matters, such as rent, and termination of contract are regulated in the Danish Rent Act (Lejeloven).

Lejeloven is not fully accessible in English, but here you can find the most important conditions that concern you as a tenant.

Newspapers in English to stay up to date