Denmark has 4th most affordable, sustainable and secure energy system

06 Apr 2017  -  Cleantech

Denmark is 4th best in the Energy Architecture Performance Index 2017 by World Economic Forum, ranking 127 countries based on their ability to provide affordable, environmentally sustainable and secure energy.

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12 leading research areas in Greater Copenhagen

05 Apr 2017  -  Research & education

Pharmaceuticals, foods, social big data, sound and acoustics, quantum physics and bioenergy. These are 6 of 12 highly promising research areas with great investment potential in Greater Copenhagen, according to a new report.

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Danes are the second happiest people in the world

21 Mar 2017  -  Talent

Denmark is still one of the top happiest places on the planet, the 2017 UN World Happiness Report reveals.

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Copenhagen 9th best city for expats

15 Mar 2017  -  Business conditions

Copenhagen is the ninth best city in the world for expats, outperforming all other Scandinavian capital cities, according to the Mercer Quality of Living 2017 city rankings.

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Denmark is the 12th best country in the world

10 Mar 2017  -  Business conditions

Denmark is a great place for investing, doing business, headquartering a corporation, inventing new solutions, raising children and green living according to the Best Countries 2017, ranking Denmark the 12th best country in the world.

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Denmark is the most digital country in the EU

08 Mar 2017  -  ICT and high tech industries

Denmark tops the Digital Economy and Society Index 2017. ICT companies have excellent opportunities for testing and developing new technology.

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Singularity University opens innovation hub in Copenhagen

02 Mar 2017  -  ICT and high tech industries

The Silicon Valley tech pioneer, Singularity University, has chosen Copenhagen for its first major hub outside the United States.

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New genome research centre for precision medicine opens in Denmark

27 Feb 2017  -  Life Science

Denmark is renowned for its strong health research traditions and unique way of organising the health data of citizens. The new genome research centre in Denmark will further unfold the great potential of personalised medicine.

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Denmark tops sustainable energy index by World Bank

23 Feb 2017  -  Cleantech

Denmark has the best framework conditions in the world when it comes to access to energy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy, states the World Bank in a new report.

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Denmark is the third most attractive staffing market

15 Feb 2017  -  Business conditions

Denmark is the world's third most attractive market for staffing, according to new report by Staffing Industry Analysts.

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DTU Biosustain gets 15.7m EUR to commercialise fermentation research

09 Feb 2017  -  Life Science

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has granted 15.7 million EUR for the establishment of a fermentation plant at DTU Biosustain. The plant will accelerate the production of sustainable chemicals and medicine and bring research one big step closer to industrial use.

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C40 opens permanent base for green transition in Copenhagen

06 Feb 2017  -  Cleantech

C40 – the world’s leading climate network for megacities – opens a permanent base in Copenhagen today. The new base will create closer collaboration between cities and the private sector to speed up the transition to low-carbon economies.

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Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world

25 Jan 2017  -  Business conditions

Denmark once again takes the top spot as the least corrupt country in Transparency International’s global study of public sector corruption.

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Help us build the future IoT platform for cities

18 Jan 2017  -  ICT and high tech industries

SELECT for Cities has a budget of 3.4 million Euros to launch an innovation challenge to build the future IoT platform for cities – call for tenders opens on 9 February 2017.

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Copenhagen is the world’s best city for talent

17 Jan 2017  -  Talent

Copenhagen is the best city in the world in terms of growing, attracting, retaining and creating attractive conditions for talent according to the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017.

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Forbes: Denmark is the world's sixth best country for business

03 Jan 2017  -  Business conditions

Denmark takes the sixth position in the prestigious Best Countries for Business 2016 ranking by Forbes.

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