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Denmark no. 1 in EU on digital performance

27 Feb 2015  -  ICT and high tech industries

Denmark tops the 2015 Digital Economy and Society Index, excelling in eHealth, eGovernment and eCommerce.

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Denmark no. 3 in World Press Freedom Index 2015

18 Feb 2015  -  Society and living

Denmark is number three in the World Press Freedom Index 2015, up four places from last year.

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New leading acoustics R&D lab at DTU

17 Feb 2015  -  Research & education

The Technical University of Denmark expands its acoustics R&D facilities with four new acoustics labs, including an anechoic chamber, and workspaces for researchers and students.

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Copenhagen no. 3 on Sustainable Cities Index 2015

11 Feb 2015  -  Business conditions

Copenhagen takes a third place among 50 cities worldwide on the Sustainable Cities Index 2015 ranking 3rd on planet, 5th on people and 11th on profit.

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Smart parking in Copenhagen

12 Feb 2015  -  Cleantech

The Municipality of Copenhagen launches a wireless parking sensor test area before introducing smart parking in all Copenhagen city areas.

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Maxipay opens Scandinavian office in Copenhagen

04 Feb 2015  -  Copenhagen Capacity

British company Maxipay has opened its first Scandinavian office in Copenhagen from where it will assist clients with HR, financial and accounting services.

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Business, Unternehmen, biznes, verslas

04 Feb 2015  -  Business conditions

Businessindenmark.dk provides information on Danish rules and registrations as well as details on public authorities and labour market organisations. The information is now available in English, German, Polish and Lithuanian.

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New living lab for healthtech solutions

03 Feb 2015  -  Healthtech

A new living lab is to provide companies and research institutions with the opportunity to collaborate on the development, testing and implementation of future healthtech solutions.

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Wind energy covers 39 per cent of Denmark's electricity consumption

02 Feb 2015  -  Cleantech

In 2014, Danish wind farms covered 39 per cent of Denmark’s electricity consumption. Growing capacity and increased efficiency are behind this record year.

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Copenhagen includes EVs in car sharing project

30 Jan 2015  -  Cleantech

Copenhagen car sharing project, which now includes electric cars, is to study if the combination of public transport and car sharing makes a real alternative to private car use.

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Denmark no. 11 in Global Innovation Index

26 Jan 2015  -  Research & education

Denmark ranks no. 11 in Bloomberg Business’s Global Innovation Index 2015, performing exceptionally well on R&D and research personnel.

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