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Denmark no. 4 in student satisfaction

21 Sep 2015  -  Research & education

Denmark is the fourth best destination country in Europe for education, according to International Student Satisfaction survey 2015.

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Denmark no. 4 in the world at attracting high-value investments

17 Sep 2015  -  Business conditions

Denmark is fourth in the world at attracting high-value foreign investment projects, according to IBM’s 2015 Global Location Trends report. This confirms Denmark’s position as an attractive destination for knowledge-intensive investment.

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New 375 million euro diabetes centre in Copenhagen

11 Sep 2015  -  Life Science

The Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Capital Region of Denmark will establish a globally leading, major new diabetes centre for treatment and clinical research in Copenhagen.

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Nomeco builds super warehouse in Greater Copenhagen

08 Sep 2015  -  Location and infrastructure

The large German-owned pharmaceutical wholesaler, Nomeco, is building Northern Europe’s largest and most modern pharmaceutical warehouse in Greater Copenhagen.

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Danish Architecture Centre and China Building Centre sign cooperation agreement

01 Sep 2015  -  Cleantech

New cooperation agreement sets out to strengthen export opportunities for Danish and Chinese companies.

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Copenhagen best Nordic city for quality of life

28 Aug 2015  -  Society and living

Copenhagen takes the top spot among the cities in the Nordics and the ninth place globally in the Quality of Living rankings 2015 by Mercer.

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The Danes are ready for robots

24 Aug 2015  -  Healthtech

Denmark is the country in Europe which is most open to the use of robots a new EU study shows. This attitude offers great opportunity for healthtech innovation.

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New direct flight between Copenhagen and Boston

19 Aug 2015  -  Location and infrastructure

In May 2016, the airline company Norwegian will open a direct flight between Copenhagen and Boston in addition to the company’s US long distance routes to New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

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University of Copenhagen moves up prestigious academic ranking

17 Aug 2015  -  Research & education

The University of Copenhagen jumps up four places in the 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities.

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Denmark no. 5 on Global Creativity Index 2015

12 Aug 2015  -  Creative and entertainment

Denmark is fifth out of 139 countries and number one in Europe on new Global Creativity Index by Martin Prosperity Institute.

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Brüning chooses Copenhagen

11 Aug 2015  -  Companies

The large supplier of wood biomass to power plants, Brüning, has placed its first office outside of Germany in Copenhagen. A large customer base, access to business partners and talent and the possibility of Scandinavian expansion were decisive factors.

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Copenhagen smart city project shortlisted by Nordic Built Cities

04 Aug 2015  -  Cleantech

Shortlisted Copenhagen project demonstrates how to combine rainwater handling systems and green recreational spaces in the city.

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Denmark least corrupt country in EMEA

08 Jul 2015  -  Business conditions

Denmark is the least corrupt country in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa according to Ernst & Young Fraud Survey 2015.

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Greater Copenhagen to be Europe's fertility R&D power centre

01 Jul 2015  -  Research & education

The EU invests DKK 57.5 million in the Danish-Swedish research project ReproUnion, which will create an internationally leading hub for the treatment of infertility.

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Copenhagen: great for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship

29 Jun 2015  -  ICT and high tech industries

Copenhagen is a Big Data hub offering a dynamic start-up environment with centrally located office spaces and a city brand that attracts international attention, according to new report by CITIE.

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Uber to hire up to 100 engineers in Denmark

22 Jun 2015  -  Companies

The international transport network company, Uber, has opened a research and development centre in Denmark and is looking to hire extra 50-100 engineers.

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Copenhageners produce 40% less CO2 than ten years ago

17 Jun 2015  -  Cleantech

With 2.8 tonnes CO2 per person annually, Copenhagen’s carbon emissions measured per capita is now one of the lowest among the European capitals.

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ESS and MAX IV research approved for EU funding

16 Jun 2015  -  Business conditions

The ESS and MAX IV: Cross Border Science and Society project application has been approved for EU funding. The research facilities will create a world leading hub for R&D in biomedicine, medicine, material technology, nanotechnology, energy research, geology and environmental science.

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Denmark excels among Europe’s best workplaces 2015

10 Jun 2015  -  Business conditions

Among Europe’s 100 best workplaces, 20 are Danish. This makes Denmark the country in Europe with the highest number of workplaces on the European Best Workplaces list measured per capital.

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China looks to Denmark for smart city solutions

09 Jun 2015  -  Cleantech

The China Building Centre in Beijing is among the Chinese business delegations who are visiting Greater Copenhagen in increasing numbers to learn about smart city and sustainable urban development.

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