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2013: A year of record highs for Danish wind energy

19 Feb 2014  -  Society and living

2013 was a record year for the expansion of wind energy in Denmark. By the end of the year, more than 33% of Danish electricity was being supplied from wind turbines and a further 656 MW (megawatts) had been connected to the electricity grid - of which 307 MW were land-based.

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New report explains high levels of happiness in Denmark

15 Feb 2014  -  Society and living

Denmark is often named the world’s happiest country, most recently in 2013 in the "World Happiness Report" commissioned by the UN. For the first time, the reasons for the high levels of happiness in Denmark have now been explained in a comprehensive report published by The Happiness Research Institute, a Copenhagen-based think tank.

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Copenhagen is the smartest city in Europe

07 Feb 2014  -  Society and living

Copenhagen has once again been named the smartest city in Europe by the American magazine Fast Company and the climate strategist Boyd Cohen. When it comes to innovation in infrastructure, technology and entrepreneurship, Copenhagen is taking the lead over cities such as Amsterdam, Paris and Stockholm.

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New bilingual private school in Copenhagen

06 Feb 2014  -  Society and living

In August 2014, the Institut Sankt Joseph in Copenhagen will be introducing a new bilingual education programme at both primary and secondary level following the Cambridge examinations curriculum.

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Copenhagen Airport looking to expand

05 Feb 2014  -  Location and infrastructure

A large-scale plan for expanding the capacity of Copenhagen Airport will make it capable of handling up to 40 million passengers over the next 25 years.

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Record year for Copenhagen Airport

27 Jan 2014  -  Location and infrastructure

Copenhagen Airport celebrated its third consecutive record-breaking year in 2013 with 24.1 million passengers, an increase of 3.1%. In December, passenger numbers rose by as much as 5.3%.

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10 reasons why you should locate your business in Denmark

25 Jan 2014  -  Companies

The Danish daily business newspaper, Børsen, has asked Danish companies what they perceive to be Danish strongholds. The results identify 10 areas in which employees and companies in Denmark surpass their international competitors, according to the surveyed companies.

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New world record for Danish wind turbines

23 Jan 2014  -  Cleantech

Denmark is the first country ever to generate more than 50 per cent of its electricity from wind power over a whole month.

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The new European School Copenhagen is now accepting applications

22 Jan 2014  -  Society and living

Denmark’s new European School, which opens in August, is now accepting applications for school admission.

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Denmark tops list of the world's 10 most responsible governments

20 Jan 2014  -  Society and living

According to the annual Rule of Law Index conducted by the Washington-based World Justice Project, Denmark has the world’s most responsible government.

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The world’s most global wind turbine manufacturers are Danish

07 Jan 2014  -  Companies

According to the Danish Wind Industry Association, Vestas and Siemens Wind Power are the world’s most global wind turbine manufacturers. And Danish suppliers and subcontractors are also following suit.

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Denmark attracting world-class investment

06 Jan 2014  -  Business conditions

According to IBM’s 2013 Global Location Trends report, Denmark is second in the world at attracting valuable foreign investment. This high ranking confirms Denmark’s position as an attractive destination for knowledge-intensive investment.

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Tough competition awaits Danish cleantech companies

01 Mar 2013  -  Cleantech

Global competition could eventually become a problem for Danish cleantech companies, according to experts.

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