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Denmark obtains top position and AAA score in energy sustainability ranking

25 Apr 2014  -  Society and living

Denmark ranks second globally and achieves an AAA rating for its ability to balance the ‘energy trilemma’ in the latest Energy Sustainability Index published by the World Energy Council (WEC).

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Danish anemometer is roaring ahead

24 Apr 2014  -  Companies

A Danish entrepreneurial company has been successful with a smartphone anemometer and now wants to explore the potential in agriculture.

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The Danish government focuses on top international students

24 Apr 2014  -  Talent

A survey by the Confederation of Danish Industries indicates that a highly educated foreign national creates value equivalent to almost two additional jobs which is an advantage for both Danish businesses and the economy. For that reason, the Danish government wants to make Denmark an even more attractive study destination for international talents.

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Robots make Denmark a frontrunner in European productivity race

20 Apr 2014  -  ICT and high tech industries

During the years of crisis, robots have found their way into Danish factories. This has made the Danish industrial workers more efficient, which means that they are now outperforming Denmark’s neighbouring countries. This looks promising in regards to more jobs in the industry in the future.

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Denmark in top 10 on Social Progress Index 2014

15 Apr 2014  -  Society and living

Denmark has performed well in the international Social Progress Index 2014 that ranks countries by social and environmental performance rather than economic output in a drive to make social progress a priority for politicians and businesses. Denmark’s ninth place puts it among the countries that represent a distinct ‘top tier’ in terms of social progress scores, according to the Social Progress Index.

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Danish architects to design for Hollywood giants

14 Apr 2014  -  Companies

The film company DreamWorks Animation Studios has appointed the Copenhagen architectural firm 3xN, who has designed the UN City and the Danish National Aquarium The Blue Planet, to design parts of the attraction area DreamCenter in Shanghai.

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20,408 visitors to International House

10 Apr 2014  -  Society and living

International House in Copenhagen has made it even easier to be an international new arrival in the city. Over the last year, 20,408 people have visited International House to ask for help when relocating to the capital, and the high figure indicates that many newcomers in Copenhagen are seeking information about practical issues when they take up residence in the city.

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Copenhagen recognised for ambitious efforts to curb climate change

08 Apr 2014  -  Cleantech

Copenhagen was recognised for its climate ambitions and highlighted as a front runner in climate adaptation in WWF’s international competition, the Earth Hour City Challenge, in Vancouver last weekend.

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Ports in Denmark to invest billions in expanding infrastructure and facilities

07 Apr 2014  -  Location and infrastructure

Danish ports are expected to invest EUR 8.3 billion (approx. $11.4 billion) in expansions that will secure the future of the ports not least within the container industry, the wind turbine sector, and maritime services in general.

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Hitachi to establish big data research laboratory in Denmark

03 Apr 2014  -  Companies

Japanese ICT giant wants to leverage Danish strongholds to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable society.

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The Capital Region of Denmark attracts attention at leading international real estate fair

02 Apr 2014  -  Copenhagen Capacity

At the recently-held MIPIM real estate fair, the leading international real estate exhibition and conference, Financial Times-owned fDi Intelligence appointed Copenhagen the most interesting small European region for foreign companies to invest in. The ranking is based on the ‘European Cities and Regions of the Future’ report, which measures the attractiveness of European regions and cities for investment purposes.

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Copenhagen Capacity Analysis: Copenhagen is 20 per cent less expensive for businesses compared to Stockholm

24 Mar 2014  -  Copenhagen Capacity

According to a recent analysis by Copenhagen Capacity, the Capital Region of Denmark is more attractive to investors than the Stockholm area, Amsterdam, Zurich and the South-East of England, including London.

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AAA rating for Danish economy

13 Mar 2014  -  Business conditions

The international agency Fitch Ratings once again assesses a stable outlook for Danish economy with a prime triple-A rating.

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Denmark takes second spot as innovation leader in the EU

11 Mar 2014  -  Business conditions

Denmark has been ranked second on the Innovation Union Scoreboard 2014 published by the European Commission. This underlines Denmark’s position as an ‘Innovation Leader’ with innovation performance well above that of the EU average.

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Bright EU prognosis for Danish economy

10 Mar 2014  -  Business conditions

A new report by the EU Commission predicts that 2014 could be the year the Danish economy reaches a turning point. According to the report, the Danish economy shows clear signs of improvement following the global financial crisis.

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Copenhagen to promote green solutions in South Africa

07 Mar 2014  -  Cleantech

South Africa is Africa’s economic powerhouse, and as its economy grows so too does its need for sustainable technology. Copenhagen can help with that, and for this reason the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, has been in South Africa to discuss Copenhagen’s green profile with the Lord Mayor of Cape Town and local firms during the fifth C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Mayors Summit.

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Copenhagen companies to help Milan towards green transition

05 Mar 2014  -  Cleantech

The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, has signed a green co-operation agreement with Giuliano Pisapia, the Lord Mayor of Milan. Copenhagen companies are to help Milan become a better city for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Denmark is the best country for renewable energy investment

04 Mar 2014  -  Business conditions

According to a new energy index, Denmark is currently the best country in the world for renewable energy investment and is taking the lead over countries such as China and Sweden.

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The Danish government makes it even easier to do business in Denmark

03 Mar 2014  -  Business conditions

According to the World Bank, Denmark is the fifth easiest place in the world to set up and do business. But business conditions could be even better and for that reason, the government is now launching 48 concrete initiatives to make life even easier for Danish companies and their employees.

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Danish companies top for innovation in Europe

21 Feb 2014  -  Companies

No other country in Europe can compete with the ability of Danish companies to invent new products, working processes and ways to market themselves. That is evident from a new study on innovation in the 27 EU member states carried out by Gallup Europe for the EU-funded research institution Eurofound.

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