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Top Chinese university chooses the University of Copenhagen for research centre

16 Apr 2013  -  Research & education

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Fudan University in China are to collaborate on a new centre opening on 16 April 2013 at the University of Copenhagen. The Fudan-European Centre for Modern and Comparative China Studies will be the first of its kind in Europe with a focus on research into the interaction between China and Europe.

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Denmark ranks among the leading innovative EU Member States

04 Apr 2013  -  Research & education

Denmark has been placed third in the EU’s annual innovation ranking. This third place underlines the toughness of international competition and the need for an even stronger Danish innovation system.

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Danish chef wins the world sushi championship

28 Mar 2013  -  Society and living

Earlier this month Pepe Anevski, chef at the Copenhagen restaurant Umami, won the World Sushi Cup 2013.

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Set up a business in half an hour

25 Mar 2013  -  Other industries

The Danish Business Authority has had great success with its digital registration, which makes it easier to set up a business in Denmark.

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Denmark once again wins at MIPIM

22 Mar 2013  -  Property and Construction

Denmark has again won one of the prestigious MIPIM Awards which are often compared to the film industry’s Palme d'Or. The award was given at MIPIM, one of the world's largest real estate fairs in Cannes, which took place last week.

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Danish wind turbines reach a record

22 Mar 2013  -  Cleantech

For the second time in two months the Danish wind turbines reached a production record when they sent 3,987 megawatts into the electricity grid.

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Harvard applauses Danish high-tech money locomotive

19 Mar 2013  -  ICT and high tech industries

Researchers from Harvard Business School have visited the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation to explore its accomplishments and importance. They applaud the Foundation for successfully linking research and business.

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Fitch maintains Danish AAA rating

18 Mar 2013  -  Economy

Denmark's debtor credibility retains top "AAA" rating by the credit rating agency Fitch, and the prospects are still regarded as stable by the Institute Bloomberg News reports.

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Denmark hunts for international property investors

13 Mar 2013  -  Property and Construction

Focus on foreign investor relations will be intense when a large number of Danish real estate professionals visit Cannes to participate in Europe’s leading property fair MIPIM.

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The Capital Region buys soil contamination test site

12 Mar 2013  -  Property and Construction

The Capital Region of Denmark has purchased a contaminated lot to serve as an international innovation laboratory for handling of soil and groundwater contamination.

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Copenhagen Capacity in new design

07 Mar 2013  -  Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity has a new logo, a new look and a new website. The website gives foreign companies and investors an improved overview of business opportunities in the Copenhagen Region, including the region's six largest industry clusters.

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Government growth plan for design and creative industries

27 Feb 2013  -  Creative and entertainment

The Danish government has launched a growth plan for the creative and design industries. The plan sets out to strengthen the creative business potential to create growth and jobs, as well as sharpen Denmark’s international profile.

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Attracting promising international entrepreneurs to Denmark

26 Feb 2013  -  Other industries

A new Danish entrepreneurial initiative has been introduced in an attempt to attract foreign entrepreneurs to Denmark. Foreign entrepreneurs contribute to growth and job creation and bring international expertise to the domestic entrepreneurial environment. Besides growth and job creation, the initiative aims to promote Denmark as one of the best places in the world to start a business.

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Investors back to Denmark

25 Feb 2013  -  Economy

Foreign investment in Denmark is important for growth and job creation. A number of new initiatives are therefore being implemented which focus on how the country can become even more attractive to foreign investors.

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The next Silicon Valley

24 Feb 2013  -  ICT and high tech industries

Seven cities around the world are highlighted as the new hotspots for IT entrepreneurs by the U.S. business magazine Fortune. Copenhagen is on the list, and according to Fortune, Copenhagen is not the worst place you can go if you are an entrepreneur dreaming big dreams.

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Denmark ranked no. 1 in the world for commercial success potential

20 Feb 2013  -  Cleantech

Companies coming to Denmark can take advantage of sound infrastructure, efficient public authorities and a high degree of innovation, which makes Denmark an ideal business location, writes Børsen.

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Copenhagen Airport: most punctual in Northern Europe

20 Feb 2013  -  Location and infrastructure

Fresh figures from Flightstat show 86.2% of passengers departing from Copenhagen Airport in January took off on time. That makes the airport the most punctual in Northern Europe.

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The IFHP expands in Copenhagen

17 Feb 2013  -  Property and Construction

The International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) is expanding its operations with a Copenhagen based office.

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Denmark is no. 9 on Bloomberg’s best countries for business 2013

14 Feb 2013  -  Economy

For the second year in a row, Bloomberg Rankings presents its global analysis of countries based on how attractive they are to business. Denmark has leapfrogged from last year's 17th space and is now number nine in Europe, only surpassed by the Netherlands and Germany.

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Leading researchers bolster Copenhagen’s life science cluster

14 Feb 2013  -  Life Science

University of Copenhagen will soon be home to two top life science research teams, following two leading biotech professors each receiving a Euro 5.4 million grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Copenhagen’s strong life science cluster is an influential factor in making Copenhagen an attractive research destination, the professors say.

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