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Danish cleantech wanted in Senegal

30 Dec 2013  -  Cleantech

In December, Senegal’s Ministry of Energy and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster signed an MoU in Senegal’s capital Dakar. This is a tangible sign of the committed interest in Danish cleantech shown by Senegal.

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Improved access to loans for Danish entrepreneurs

23 Dec 2013  -  Business conditions

In a press release, the Danish Ministry of Business Affairs and Growth has announced that the partners behind the Danish Growth Plan have agreed to launch a new loan system for entrepreneurs ahead of schedule.

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Copenhagen named European Green Capital

20 Dec 2013  -  Society and living

Copenhagen has won the prestigious European Green Capital award presented by the European Commission because of its excellence in combining sustainable solutions with growth and quality of life.

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Danish energy system receives top marks

18 Dec 2013  -  Cleantech

The World Economic Forum has been comparing national energy systems and Denmark has taken first place in two out of three categories. The Danish energy system has been recognised for creating growth and development and for having a very high security of supply.

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Denmark tops Anti-Corruption Index

17 Dec 2013  -  Business conditions

In 2013, Denmark is once again in the top of the Transparency International's study of perceived corruption in public sectors worldwide. No bribery and an open and well-functioning public sector have given Denmark brilliant rankings since the first study in 1995.

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TV giant CNBC broadcasts live from Copenhagen

16 Dec 2013  -  Copenhagen Capacity

CNBC is one of the world's largest television stations and goes out to over 400 million households worldwide. On Monday 16 December, the CNBC reports live from Copenhagen as part of their programme series on ‘Innovation Cities’

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Denmark in top 3 of Global Talent Competitiveness Index

04 Dec 2013  -  Talent

The first edition of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index was launched by INSEAD last week, and Denmark ranks in the top just after Switzerland and Singapore. The Index measures a nation's competitiveness based on the quality of talent it can produce, attract and retain.

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Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen named the world's second best politician

02 Dec 2013  -  Copenhagen Capacity

Capital cities around the world compete to attract business and investment to ensure growth and jobs. Recently the Capital Region of Copenhagen was awarded the title of the world’s most innovative region in terms of investment promotion. Now the Lord Mayor Frank Jensen has been named the world's second best politician at promoting investment

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Unique Danish collaboration to pave the way for billion DKK project in Mumbai

01 Dec 2013  -  Cleantech

Eight Danish companies have entered a collaboration agreement to co-develop solutions that will enable the slums along the river Mithi in Mumbai to become a residential area.

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Denmark ranks highest on Climate Change Performance Index

28 Nov 2013  -  Cleantech

Denmark ranks number one when it comes to CO2 emissions, sustainable energy, energy efficiency as well as environmentally- friendly policies. That is the result of the report ‘Climate Change Performance Index’ which was released at the COP19 in Warsaw.

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Foreign talents want to stay in Denmark

21 Nov 2013  -  Talent

Talented foreign students are worth millions for Denmark if they stay in the country. And in a new study, half of the international students who recently arrived say that they plan to do so. 150 of the young talents have just said yes to promote Denmark with a series of professionally produced commercials which have just been completed.

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International communications agency moves from Sweden to Denmark

19 Nov 2013  -  Copenhagen Capacity

EHRENBERG Kommunikation moved their Nordic Headquarter from Malmö to Copenhagen to get easier access to skilled labour and benefit from a greater market potential in Denmark.

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Denmark in top 10 of countries with digital natives

18 Nov 2013  -  Society and living

Denmark performs well in a new world ranking of young people's use of the Internet, writes videnskab.dk. This is important as IT-savvy young people are the future.

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IO Interactive and Copenhagen Talent Bridge host successful job fair

15 Nov 2013  -  Other industries

Copenhagen Talent Bridge was pleased to help, when IO Interactive recently held a job fair for those of the IO Interactive employees who were given notice this past summer. And the fair was a great success as IO Interactive and Copenhagen Talent Bridge succeeded in finding new employment for 21 of the roughly 60 people who participated.

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Copenhagen is among the cheapest cities in the world

08 Nov 2013  -  Business conditions

A new analysis from fDi Benchmark of 48 capitals around the world shows that Copenhagen is placed as number 36. This placing means that the city is among the cheapest when it comes to businesses’ rent as rent costs in Copenhagen are in line with the Romanian capital Bucharest.

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Denmark once again ranked as best place in Europe to do business

07 Nov 2013  -  Business conditions

Companies looking for a good business environment should not hesitate to choose Denmark. For the third time in a row, the World Bank ranks Denmark as the best place in Europe to do business.

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Denmark receives international climate award

31 Oct 2013  -  Cleantech

Denmark receives WWF’s most prestigious award, Gift to the Earth, for inspiring leadership with the world’s most ambitious targets within renewable energy and climate.

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New ambassador for Copenhagen

30 Oct 2013  -  Goodwill Ambassador Corps

The Danish CEO of the speaker company B&W in China Lars Hundborg has just been appointed as a new member of the Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps.

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Denmark values waste as a resource

26 Oct 2013  -  Cleantech

The Danish Ministry of the Environment launches resource strategy for Denmark. More recycling and less incineration are the main points in the new strategy.

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Copenhagen Capacity granted directorship in the fDi Association

24 Oct 2013  -  Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity is granted a directorship in the exclusive fDi Association.

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