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Denmark is ranked easiest country to do business in Europe

26 Oct 2012  -  Regional setup

The fifth best country in the world and Europe's leading: When the World Bank announces the countries, providing the most favourable business climate, Denmark is once again among the elite.

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New initiative aids SMEs to green transition

24 Oct 2012  -  Regional setup

Government funded external counselling is to help selected Danish SMEs integrate environmental considerations into their future business strategy.

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Help to entrepreneurs in North Zealand

23 Oct 2012  -  Regional setup

Entrepreneurs in the northern part of Zealand is about to get further assistance.

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New district heating flagship in Copenhagen

22 Oct 2012  -  Society and living

The City Council of Copenhagen has given its formal approval of the establishment of the new waste-to-energy facility Amager Bakke (Amager Hill) to be located at the harbour of Copenhagen.

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Danish design to carry exports

19 Oct 2012  -  Creative and entertainment

The Danish government aims to increase exports of Danish design, architecture and furniture.

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Nobel Prize winner boosts Danish stem cell research

18 Oct 2012  -  Life Science

The Japanese Nobel Prize winner in medicine Shinya Yamanaka has made his stem cell research available to Danish researchers, reports the Politiken daily newspaper.

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Copenhagen once again voted Europe's best cruise port

17 Oct 2012  -  Society and living

For the fifth time, Copenhagen has been voted "Europe's Best Cruise Port" by a unanimous industry panel at the World Travel Awards in Portugal.

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Copenhagen aims to be the world’s cleanest capital

16 Oct 2012  -  Society and living

Less litter in the streets of Copenhagen. With a new campaign, the City of Copenhagen aims to be the cleanest capital in Europe by 2015.

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Sustainable Danish design to China

15 Oct 2012  -  Cleantech

The non-profit organisation Index will guide the Chinese metropolis Guangzhou in sustainable urban planning, writes business.dk.

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Megacities meet in Copenhagen to advance green growth agenda

10 Oct 2012  -  Cleantech

Studies show that municipal governments worldwide consider climate change solutions to be an economic opportunity. This weekrepresentatives from Bogotá, New York, Jakarta, London and 11 other cities are meeting in Copenhagen to work together on how to integrate green solutions, economic growth and job creation.

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Copenhagen leads Europe at creating green jobs

09 Oct 2012  -  Cleantech

Copenhagen is a global leader in green growth, according to the first in a series of OECD reports detailing the capacity of different regions to create jobs and move toward a green economy. The OECD presented the report’s conclusions and recommendations at the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF), held in Copenhagen.

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Air traffic from Finland to CPH is increasing

09 Oct 2012  -  Location and infrastructure

The air bridge between Finland and Copenhagen Airport is a success for the airport, Denmark, and the 400,000 Finnish Blue1 and SAS passengers, who have been through Copenhagen Airport in 2012 to date. This figure is an increase of 24 per cent compared to 2011.

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Danish entrepreneurship is booming

09 Oct 2012  -  Research & education

For the sixteenth time, the global auditing company Ernst & Young awards the prize Danish Entrepreneur of the Year. This year a record-setting 1.000 companies have qualified for the competition illustrating that Danish entrepreneurship is thriving, reports the Danish Chamber of Commerce

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Danish investments peak in Europe

09 Oct 2012  -  Economy

Denmark is the European country where funds donate the most money to new businesses. That is a sign of growth, reports business.dk.

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Denmark’s Environment Minister signs green co-operation agreement

08 Oct 2012  -  Society and living

Denmark has signed an agreement with South Korea to strengthen the co-operation within environmental technology, writes csr.dk.

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Top researchers receive DKK 210 million

05 Oct 2012  -  Research & education

27 top researchers have been awarded DKK 210 million by the Independent Research Committee (DFF). The prestigious Sapere Aude fundings will ensure new and important knowledge in a variety subjects.

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CBS establishes Maersk professorship

04 Oct 2012  -  Research & education

The A.P. Moller Foundation has granted DKK 40 million to a special entrepreneurial professorship at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) with the objective to create an environment for entrepreneurship. The foundation has never before granted money for operating expenses.

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Anholt offshore wind farm is now producing wind electricity

02 Oct 2012  -  Cleantech

The first wind turbine in Denmark's largest offshore wind farm has started to deliver green electricity, writes epn.dk.

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Copenhagen is the 8th smartest city in the world

01 Oct 2012  -  Society and living

Crunching a list of variables about innovation and sustainability, Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., LEED AP, a climate strategist helping to lead communities, cities and companies on the journey towards a low carbon economy, has ranked the world’s smartest cities.

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Novo Nordisk is one of the best work places in the world

27 Sep 2012  -  Companies

Novo Nordisk ranks fourth in recent survey of the best work places worldwide, writes business.dk

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