Global Analytics Summit Copenhagen

A gathering of some of the best independent analytics experts in the world who are intent on sharing knowledge.

Unlike many data analytics conferences putting focus on technologies, AlphaZetta Global Analytics Summit (GAS) focuses on real-life execution and implementation of data analytics across industries.

GAS invites international data analytics thought leaders, industry leaders and practitioners with deep expertise to present the latest applications of data analytics in their organisations. We also provide time for in-depth discussions on analytics challenges and opportunities for participants to share their experience.

Why you should participate?

  • Be inspired by others’ analytics use cases
  • Learn from failures others’ have overcome
  • Listen to global analytics trends and directions
  • Share experience on analytics culture changes
  • Make new connections with analytics practitioners
  • Learn how to use analytics to drive business values

No matter where you are on your analytics journey, there is always something new for you in GAS.

Want to know more?

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