How to get help

Companies and organisations can find more information on Danish at 

If you cannot find the information you need on, you can contact one of the regional Business Hubs in your area.

If you are located in the Capital Region, please get more information on or contact Copenhagen Business Hub’s hotline via online form here or you call +45 4188 6667 for further guidance or contact business consultant:

Peter Bausager, Early Warning Consultant on +45 51 13 85 01 or

If you are located in Region Zealand please get more information on or contact Business Consultants:

Flemming Colberg, Early Warning Consultant on +45 4199 9809 or
Steen Munk, Early Warning Consultant  on +45 41 88 66 22 or

If you are located elsewhere, please find a contact at your local Business Hub (Erhvervshus). 

Erhvervshus Nordjylland
Erhvervshus Midtjylland
Erhvervshus Fyn
Erhvervshus Sydjylland

If none of the above can assist you, you can contact the Danish Business Authority's hotline at +45 7220 0034.

Please  read more about Early Warning assistance below.

Get Early Warning assistance

Early Warning provides free and impartial advice to squeezed business owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

Building on a network of insolvency laywers, business consultants and volunteer advisers with professional expertise, Early Warning is a consultancy in collaboration between the Business Hubs and the Danish Commerce and Construction Agency, which aims to ensure survival and growth of companies in Denmark.

You can read more about Early Warning at

Here's how EARLY WARNING can help you through the Corona crisis

EARLY WARNING offers advice on how to best get through the crisis. Help is free of charge, impartial and confidential. Please reach out if your business is moving towards financial challenges as a result of:

  • Your employees have been quarantined
  • Your customers cancel orders
  • You experience that your revenue is falling - maybe even drastically
  • Your customers are requesting visits from your sales people
  • You are experiencing increasing problems with debtors
  • Your business does not get its subcontractors
  • Or maybe your business is in the event, hotel or restaurant business that is already financially hit hard.


  • Write an email where you briefly outline your challenges.
  • It may take a while, but we will contact you - and help.
  • If your company is based in the metropolitan area, contact EARLY WARNING here
  • If you are located in other parts of the country, you can find help via