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Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors policy-recommendations

Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors present four policy-recommendations to the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen at the network’s annual seminar

As Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen has tremendous value for the country as a whole. Stories about world-class gastronomy, a vibrant culture scene, green solutions and world renowned architecture have generated value to the city through decades. Copenhagen has the potential to become even more attractive as a holiday and business destination. In order to continue the city’s impressive development and stay ahead of the competition, it is necessary to attain insights on possibilities to improve and constantly evolve. The Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors, a network of Danes living abroad, gives unique insights to what the outside world thinks of Copenhagen. The city’s international reputation is generally positive as it on one hand is cutting edge on green solutions, happiness, life science and work/life balance. On the other hand, Copenhagen is still unexplored by many, who do not know much about the Danish capital.

Find the full report and policy-recommendations here.