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Forbes: Denmark is the world's sixth best country for business

03 Jan 2017  -  Business conditions

Denmark takes the sixth position in the prestigious Best Countries for Business 2016 ranking by Forbes.

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Historic expansion of Copenhagen Airport

20 Dec 2016  -  Location and infrastructure

Copenhagen Airport is one of Europe’s fastest-growing airports. A brand new expansion plan will create capacity and facilities to handle 40 million passengers a year and new routes, including 17 long-haul routes.

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Copenhagen is Europe’s best talent destination

16 Dec 2016  -  Talent

Copenhagen ranks top in the 2017 European Cities Talent Competitiveness Index, praising for the city for its ability to grow talent and building global knowledge.

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Greater Copenhagen is among Europe's top 5 logistics regions

14 Dec 2016  -  Location and infrastructure

Catella has named the leading logistics regions in Europe, offering real estate investors the greatest potential in the coming years. Greater Copenhagen takes the fifth spot with high yields and an attractive risk profile.

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Denmark ranks fourth of 152 countries in new innovation index

13 Dec 2016  -  Business conditions

Denmark is the fourth best country in the world for businesses to thrive, scoring particularly highly on the creativity & innovation and freedom dimensions.

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AsiaInfo expands in Copenhagen

04 Dec 2016  -  Companies

China’s largest provider of software and IT services to the telecommunications industry, AsiaInfo, is hiring 30 international software developers to support the company’s activities in Denmark.

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Denmark has the world’s highest worker happiness

02 Dec 2016  -  Talent

Employees in Denmark are the happiest in the world according to the 2016 Global Workforce Happiness Index by Universum, conducted among young professionals in 57 markets.

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Kinesisk telegigant udvider med 30 it-eksperter

01 Dec 2016  -  Companies

Kinas største udbyder af software til telekommunikation, AsiaInfo, udvider sine aktiviteter i Danmark med 30 internationale softwareudviklere.

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Nu markedsføres Greater Copenhagen som et førende tech- og it-centrum

01 Dec 2016  -  Copenhagen Capacity

Nye digitale kampagner lavet i samarbejde med udvalgte brancher skal nu markedsføre Greater Copenhagen som et førende tech- og it-centrum og tiltrække højtuddannede it-specialister til virksomheder i Østdanmark og Skåne.

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Denmark number 2 in IMD World Talent Ranking 2016

30 Nov 2016  -  Talent

Denmark comfortably holds the second spot in the World Talent Ranking 2016 by IMD, ranking economies best equipped to develop, attract and retain business talent.

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Foreign direct investments in Denmark on the rise

29 Nov 2016  -  Economy

The amount being directly invested in Denmark grew by 29 billion DKK in 2015.

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Copenhagen named European city of the year

29 Nov 2016  -  Society and living

Copenhagen wins European City of the Year at the 2017 Urbanism Awards, praising Copenhagen for its green, democratic approach to urban planning putting citizens at the heart of decision-making.

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Copenhagen is outstanding for digital startups and scaleups

23 Nov 2016  -  Companies

Copenhagen ranks 6th for digital scale-ups and 7th for startups on the European Digital City Index 2016, owing to its business environment and access to skills and capital.

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Danish ’hygge’ shortlisted for Word of the Year

18 Nov 2016  -  Society and living

It is a feeling that is loved by most, but hard to describe. Nonetheless, the Danish expression hygge made the shortlist for the recent 2016 Word of the Year by The Oxford Dictionaries.

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Danes are 2nd best non-native English speakers in the world

16 Nov 2016  -  Business conditions

Denmark is the second-best performing country in the EF English Proficiency Index, ranking English skills in 72 countries worldwide.

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Denmark no. 5 on 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Index

15 Nov 2016  -  Business conditions

Denmark’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is the fifth best in the world, scoring top on opportunity for startups, technology absorption, product innovation, human capital and risk capital, according to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Index.

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Piper Environmental Group chooses Greater Copenhagen

03 Nov 2016  -  Cleantech

The US based ozone solutions company, Piper Environmental Group, Inc., has moved their global headquarters and production to Greater Copenhagen, Denmark. Access to a leading water management hub and an innovative and collaborative business environment were decisive factors.

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Talenttiltrækning er nordisk udfordring

03 Nov 2016  -  Talent

Mange internationale virksomheder overser, at der er store nationale forskelle mellem de skandinaviske lande – men de samles om, at talenttiltrækning er en topprioritet. Det var konklusionerne, da nordiske direktører og HR-chefer mødtes for at dele erfaringer og udfordringer.

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International karrieremesse den 29. november

03 Nov 2016  -  Talent

Tag til karrieremesse i Valby og mød mere end 1.000 internationale studerende og dimittender fra tre af Sjællands erhvervsakademier.

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Amerikansk firma rykker sit hovedkontor til Danmark

03 Nov 2016  -  Cleantech

Amerikanske Piper Environmental Group, der producerer løsninger til rensning af forurenet grundvand, flytter sit globale hovedkontor og produktion til Sydsjælland.

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