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More electric cars in Danish municipal vehicle fleets

24 Jul 2012  -  Cleantech

More than half of the Danish municipalities have electric vehicles on the roads, and even more electric cars are on the way, writes Danish daily newspaper Berlingske. The technology has reached a level that matches conventional cars and prices are reduced.

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Universities create billions for Danish businesses

20 Jul 2012  -  Society and living

Research programmes between the University of Copenhagen (KU) and private companies yield DKK billions in growth, writes the Berlingske daily newspaper.

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Danish wind turbines produce power as never before

18 Jul 2012  -  Cleantech

Per capita, Denmark is world-leading in producing wind power.

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Record-high number of applicants to tertiary educations

16 Jul 2012  -  Research & education

The number of applications for tertiary educations has beat all records in 2012, reports the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Educations

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Nokia shut-down results in Copenhagen Innovation Harbour

15 Jul 2012  -  ICT and high tech industries

Nokia’s mass firing in April last year has resulted in 45 start-up businesses, writes Berlingske Tidende daily newspaper

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6 % increase in engineer applicants at Technical University of Denmark

13 Jul 2012  -  Research & education

When the deadline for applications to higher educations in Denmark expired on July 5, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) had received 1,690 first-priority applications for civil engineering, and BSc engineering programs from a total of 4,444 applications.

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Two Danish infrastructure projects among the world's most innovative

12 Jul 2012  -  Location and infrastructure

Two Danish infrastructure projects rank among the world's 100 most innovative of their kind; the Femern Belt and the Oresund Region. The ranking is done by independent experts in auditing and advisory firm KPMG’s report "Infrastructure 100", which selects 100 out of 1,000 nominees.

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RESEARCH2020 catalogue forms strategic basis for Danish research

10 Jul 2012  -  Economy

Five strategic research visions outline the most promising areas for future public research investments, writes the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education in a recent press release.

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Copenhagen has been awarded the EU Commission’s European Green Capital Award for 2014

09 Jul 2012  -  Cleantech

The Danish capital is receiving the prize for, amongst other reasons, getting more people to cycle and for the city’s ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

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Export agreement kicks the door in for green technology

06 Jul 2012  -  Cleantech

A new comprehensive OECD agreement makes it easier for green businesses to sell goods and services abroad, writes Danish daily newspaper Berlingske.

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Government to introduce “green GDP”

04 Jul 2012  -  Economy

Denmark will no longer measure economic growth purely in monetary terms. The government plans to introduce a "green GDP" in the form of measurements of how much our growth impacts nature, writes

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Copenhagen and Beijing Become Sister Cities

03 Jul 2012  -  Society and living

Copenhagen is looking forward to a strong partnership with Beijing. The sister city agreement signed by the two capitals on June 26 paves the way for collaboration in the areas of sustainable solutions, energy efficiency, culture, health and science.

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Copenhagen Airport getting baggage system ready for 30 million passengers

02 Jul 2012  -  Location and infrastructure

Copenhagen Airport has signed an agreement with Siemens for an upgrade and expansion of the airport's baggage system. The agreement has a value of about DKK 90 million, and the total cost of expanding the system will be DKK 250 million, writes Copenhagen Airport at

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Award to Danish innovation

29 Jun 2012  -  Research & education

Knowledge Economy Network (KEN) honours the efficiency of the Danish innovation system, reports the Danish Ministry of Education

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Huge donation to Danish diabetes research

28 Jun 2012  -  Life Science

Danish diabetes researchers have received DKK 100 million from Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, reports ingeniø

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Danish students design the future Volvo

27 Jun 2012  -  Creative and entertainment

In a joint cooperation with Volvo, three Danish engineering students from Aalborg University is designing the future Volvo truck, writes ingeniø

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Danish investors have faith in Denmark

26 Jun 2012  -  Business conditions

Since 2009, international investors have increased their holding of Danish shares with more than DKK 64 million, reports

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European Inventor Award 2012 goes to Denmark for the second year running

21 Jun 2012  -  Companies

The Danish company Widex receives the 2012 European award on patent.

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Denmark establishes new micro seaweed facility

20 Jun 2012  -  Regional setup

New research facility for alga will be placed in Kalundborg, reports DR, Danish Radio

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China makes million investment in Danish Novozymes

19 Jun 2012  -  Companies

Novozymes and China join forces in new project, writes Nordvestnyt daily newspaper.

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