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Copenhagen Airport: most punctual in Northern Europe

20 Feb 2013  -  Location and infrastructure

Fresh figures from Flightstat show 86.2% of passengers departing from Copenhagen Airport in January took off on time. That makes the airport the most punctual in Northern Europe.

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Denmark ranked no. 1 in the world for commercial success potential

20 Feb 2013  -  Cleantech

Companies coming to Denmark can take advantage of sound infrastructure, efficient public authorities and a high degree of innovation, which makes Denmark an ideal business location, writes Børsen.

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The IFHP expands in Copenhagen

17 Feb 2013  -  Property and Construction

The International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) is expanding its operations with a Copenhagen based office.

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Leading researchers bolster Copenhagen’s life science cluster

14 Feb 2013  -  Life Science

University of Copenhagen will soon be home to two top life science research teams, following two leading biotech professors each receiving a Euro 5.4 million grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Copenhagen’s strong life science cluster is an influential factor in making Copenhagen an attractive research destination, the professors say.

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Denmark is no. 9 on Bloomberg’s best countries for business 2013

14 Feb 2013  -  Economy

For the second year in a row, Bloomberg Rankings presents its global analysis of countries based on how attractive they are to business. Denmark has leapfrogged from last year's 17th space and is now number nine in Europe, only surpassed by the Netherlands and Germany.

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Goldman Sachs sender Danmark til tops

13 Feb 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Storbanken Goldman Sachs udpeger Danmark som en global vinderøkonomi med Europas bedste underliggende konkurrencedygtighed. Danmark scorer bl.a. toppoint for sine effektive procedurer for opstart af virksomhed i landet.

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Copenhagen Capacity i nye klæder

13 Feb 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Copenhagen Capacity har fået nyt logo, nyt udseende og nyt website. Websitet giver udenlandske virksomheder og investorer et stærkt forbedret overblik over regionen og dens muligheder. Bl.a. præsenteres regionens seks største erhvervsklynger, som er defineret i tæt samarbejde med de 15 kommuner, der er en del af projekt Samarbejde om Proaktiv Investeringsfremme.

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Silicon Valley er vilde med København

13 Feb 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

I januar besøgte Copenhagen Capacity, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster og overborgmester Frank Jensen otte førende teknologivirksomheder i Silicon Valley. Målet var at tilbyde partnerskaber om udvikling og afprøvning af nye grønne teknologier for derved at tiltrække udenlandske investeringer og virksomheder. Fire uger efter har alle otte virksomheder vist opfølgende interesse, og de første møder er bekræftet.

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Ny direktør for Talent

13 Feb 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Nikolaj Lubanski er ny direktør for Copenhagen Capacitys talentafdeling. Han står i spidsen for den indsats, der skal sikre, at Region Hovedstaden bliver endnu bedre til at tiltrække og fastholde internationale videnarbejdere, forskere og studerende – og dermed får bedre mulighed for at skabe udvikling og vækst.

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23 million passengers at Copenhagen Airport

08 Feb 2013  -  Location and infrastructure

Transporting 23.3 million passengers 2012, an increase of 2.7 per cent compared to 2011, Copenhagen Airport sets a new passenger record.

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Tripling of students from abroad

07 Feb 2013  -  Research & education

Copenhagen is a very popular destination for international students.

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The Nordic countries are the next supermodel

06 Feb 2013  -  Economy

According to the Economist, the Nordic countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland – should serve as a role model for politicians across party colours.

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Denmark to Launch Offshore Wind Tenders, Timetable Now Ready

05 Feb 2013  -  Cleantech

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has published details of the tender process and the provisional timetable for the planned 1,500 MW of offshore wind power to be set up by 2020.

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Danish biotech join forces in new development centre

05 Feb 2013  -  Life Science

Danish biotech companies are internationally recognised for their world-leading research results. Now the pioneering development centre BIOPRO has opened in Kalundborg with the aim to make biotech production in Denmark even more competitive.

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Danish companies get access to billions

01 Feb 2013  -  Companies

Danske Bank wants to popularize a seldom sought after funding source. Danske Bank wants to kick start the corporate bond market and help Danish medium-sized enterprises obtain funding for EUR 3.3 billion.

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Copenhagen expands rapidly

29 Jan 2013  -  Property and Construction

Copenhagen is making room for construction of an additional 2.5 million square feet of housing and three million square meters for business due to significant population growth.

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Copenhagen's green agenda inspires New York

28 Jan 2013  -  Cleantech

A sustainable world starts with sustainable cities. True to this credo the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Capacity visited New York to speak at a green solutions presentation at the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Huffington Post brings an interview with Lord Mayor Frank Jensen.

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United Nations city to attract wealth to Copenhagen

25 Jan 2013  -  Other industries

The United Nations is undergoing significant expansion in Copenhagen with large new buildings that can accommodate over 1,000 employees. This will provide growth for Danish companies and create new jobs.

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eBay invests in Danish mobile knowledge

21 Jan 2013  -  Companies

The e-commerce shopping site eBay’s Danish director holds EUR 5 million to develop its mobile platforms which customers are increasingly using.

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World-class research center

18 Jan 2013  -  Research & education

Novo Nordisk is aiming to improve its research center by bringing in well-respected names from within industrial biotechnology research.

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