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International citizens and companies deserve the best start

04 Jul 2013  -  Society and living

The new initiative “the International House Copenhagen” aims to strengthen the attraction, greeting, and retention of international citizens and companies, making it a greater experience to work, study and live in Copenhagen.

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5,809 new businesses in Copenhagen in 2012

01 Jul 2013  -  Companies

In 2012, 5,809 new businesses emerged in Copenhagen. This is an increase of 6.2 per cent since 2011, and is the largest number of start-ups in a year since 2001.

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Copenhagen Airport rated the most efficient airport in Europe – again

28 Jun 2013  -  Location and infrastructure

Copenhagen Airport has been rated the most efficient airport in Europe for the eighth time in ten years by the Air Transport Research Society, a special research group that analyses and evaluates efficiency at airports worldwide.

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Talent: København skal op i den europæiske super-liga

27 Jun 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Med Copenhagen Capacity som vært ved Copenhagen Talent Summit, der blev afholdt i starten af juni, blev der sat fokus på Københavns dårlige pla-cering i kapløbet om talenterne og stillet skarpt på, hvordan vi kæmper os ind i den europæiske talent-superliga

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New Director of Copenhagen Film Fund

27 Jun 2013  -  Creative and entertainment

In the beginning of 2013, the new Copenhagen Film Fund was officially established. Now the person to steer the fund in the right direction has been found. The newly appointed Managing Director is the very experienced filmmaker Thomas Gammeltoft. He will start work on 1 September from his office located at Copenhagen Capacity, trying to secure growth and jobs for the Capital Region

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Copenhagen Capacity igangsætter Kina-indsats

26 Jun 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Starten af juni stod i Kinas tegn da Region Hovedstaden indgik formel samarbejdsaftale med Jiangsu-provinsen og Copenhagen Capacitys projekt ’Sourcing China’ blev lanceret i forbindelse med Kina konference på Københavns Rådhus

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Ny direktør for Copenhagen Film Fund

25 Jun 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

I starten af året blev den nye Copenhagen Film Fund en realitet. Nu er der blevet sat navn på fondens direktør, der til daglig vil sætte sig i sin stol hos Copenhagen Capacity

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Doing business in Denmark will soon be even easier

25 Jun 2013  -  Business conditions

Last week, the Danish Government introduced 41 specific initiatives that will make it even easier to do business in Denmark.

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Copenhagen Capacity hjælper softwarefirma og skaber 25 arbejdspladser

24 Jun 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Dream Broker valgte København over svensk lokation, da de skulle beslutte sig hvor i Norden, de ville placere deres næste kontor. Dermed er jorden sået til 25 arbejdspladser

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21 Jun 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Det var med sorg og chok at Copenhagen Capacity modtog meddelelsen om, at vores nære kollega Ruth Klyver pludseligt var afgået ved døden den 26. maj 2013

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New district cooling plant makes Copenhagen greener

21 Jun 2013  -  Cleantech

Copenhagen’s newly opened district cooling plant will be supplying sustainable air conditioning to Copenhagen City Hall and several large companies nearby. Department stores, museums, hotels, and offices had to cool off their buildings, and server rooms by means of their own electric cooling system, whereas they now have the option of choosing climate-friendly district cooling which means fewer expenses and a cleaner Copenhagen.

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Danes are fond of the Danish business life

18 Jun 2013  -  Companies

The Danes’ view on Danish companies is positive despite accusations of tax evasion. That is the conclusion from a new EU study which indicates that the Danes by far have the most positive view on business.

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Copenhagen ranked no 1 as the most livable city

17 Jun 2013  -  Society and living

Since 2007, the lifestyle magazine Monocle has published its annual list of livable cities, named "The Most Livable Cities Index". It presents 25 top locations for quality of life. This year Copenhagen took the prize.

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Ramboll helps realising the world's most advanced telescope

16 Jun 2013  -  ICT and high tech industries

The construction of a new and ultra-advanced telescope will make it possible for astronomers to search for planets where life may exist. Ramboll has been chosen as consultant for the procurement and construction process.

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SEED Capital is the second most active investor in Europe

10 Jun 2013  -  Companies

According to a new report, the Danish venture fund SEED Capital is the second most active investor in Europe with no fewer than 13 investments in the last quarter of 2012.

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Denmark beats European record in digital communication with the public

09 Jun 2013  -  Society and living

A benchmark from the European Commission shows that Denmark is at the forefront when it comes to the use of digital solutions. 46 per cent of the European respondents have been in contact with public authorities via digital solutions during 2012. In Denmark, the number is 64 per cent, which is European record.

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Large-scale Copenhagen cloudburst mitigation plans

07 Jun 2013  -  Society and living

Less flooding and more blue and green recreational areas. This is the ambition for the cloudburst mitigation plans in the Danish capital. The innovative plans provide a view into the future for cities around the world, says expert.

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The UN locates new climate centre in Copenhagen

06 Jun 2013  -  Cleantech

The UN City on Marmormolen in Copenhagen which was recently built will also house the domicile of UN's new Centre for Climate Technology (CTCN), says Minister for Development Cooperation Christian Friis Bach (R), in a press release.

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Danish researchers pave the way for molecular super glue

03 Jun 2013  -  Research & education

A new method which enables the combination of metals and plastics at a molecular level has been developed by Danish researchers. This ‘molecular glue’ forms strong and tight sealing bonds between materials that would not otherwise stick together.

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Christian IV’s stock exchange for sale for several million euros

30 May 2013  -  Property and Construction

Børsen, the distinctive old stock exchange in the centre of Copenhagen right next to the parliament at Christiansborg, is for sale and the hunt for a new owner has begun.

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