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Copenhagen Capacity lander ny vækstaftale med Vækstforum Sjælland

29 Aug 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Copenhagen Capacity, der står i spidsen for et konsortium, som også inkluderer Invest in Denmark, Slagelse kommune og Næsted kommune, er glade for at kunne annoncere en ny vækstaftale med Vækstforum Sjælland.

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Danish fashion is successful abroad

28 Aug 2013  -  Creative and entertainment

International exports within the fashion industry bring in billions.

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SAS opens new international routes from Jutland

27 Aug 2013  -  Location and infrastructure

SAS has opened two new international routes to Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, from the two major airports located in Jutland – Aalborg and Billund.

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Copenhagen Capacity bidrager til fastholdelse af 40 talenter

27 Aug 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Udenlandske virksomheder stod på spring for at kapre nogle af de medarbejdere, som IO Interactive desværre blev nødt til at opsige i juni.

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Copenhagen Capacity - Ny direktør for Investment Promotion

26 Aug 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Copenhagen Capacity er glade for at kunne meddele, at Marianna Lubanski har sagt ja til jobbet som direktør for Investment Promotion & Klynger.

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Denmark to address climate change through active policymaking

26 Aug 2013  -  Society and living

A new catalogue of ides lays the foundations for a new climate change bill introduced by the Danish government during the upcoming session of parliament. These climate policy initiatives set out a variety of ways in which Denmark can reach its target of a 40% reduction in emissions by 2020.

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Kom til morgenmadsmøde med Ferring Pharmaceuticals

25 Aug 2013  -  Danske Nyheder

Tirsdag den 10. september inviterer Copenhagen Capacity og Ferring Pharmaceuticals til morgenmadsmøde.

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Danish specialist to build waste wood-based power plant in Northern Ireland

10 Aug 2013  -  Cleantech

The Danish power plant specialist Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (BWSC) has been chosen to build Northern Ireland's first biomass power plant.

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Millions earmarked for energy adventure with solar cells

07 Aug 2013  -  Cleantech

Earlier this year, the Government and the Unity Party earmarked millions of DKK on the 2013 Finance Act to develop the next Danish energy adventure. Recently, additional DKK 16.5 million were set aside for the project.

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Chinese five-year energy plan inspired by Danish thinking

04 Aug 2013  -  Cleantech

Danish thinking inspires China’s next five-year plan. Moreover, the Danish government recently signed an agreement with China's powerful National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

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Copenhagen’s Climate Adaptation Plan stands out internationally

25 Jul 2013  -  Cleantech

In a group of 1.000 nominations from more than 70 countries, the Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan is among the finalists for the world’s largest design award, INDEX: Award 2013.

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Record number of higher education applicants

22 Jul 2013  -  Research & education

The number of higher education applicants in 2013 is record high. Figures show that a total of 88,078 have applied for admission to a higher education programme. That is 7,312 more than the former record from 2012.

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New Danish innovation centres strengthen ties with international partners

18 Jul 2013  -  Location and infrastructure

Denmark is strengthening Danish innovation, research, growth and employment by developing closer relationships with research and development players in Brazil, India and South Korea.

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Foreign researchers are flocking to Denmark

16 Jul 2013  -  Research & education

In four years, the number of foreign researchers has risen at the three largest Danish universities. Research at a high international level and opportunities for getting projects financed lures.

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The UN City is good for business

15 Jul 2013  -  Location and infrastructure

The strong UN-profile brought about by the new UN-City in the centre of Copenhagen will be good business in Denmark and strengthen Denmark's brand as a sustainable and green country.

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Denmark secures top ten ranking on global innovation barometer

13 Jul 2013  -  Companies

Danish innovation culture is on a roll. A 9th place on the global barometer of innovation, close behind countries like Singapore and Hong Kong is in part due to a steady flow of patents, science parks and developing businesses.

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Danish IT company secures big US customer

11 Jul 2013  -  Companies

The agreement between the Danish IT company Xtream and the American Fuhu is referred to as a huge breakthrough.

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Danish advertising is among the world's best

06 Jul 2013  -  Creative and entertainment

Recently, the world's advertising agencies paid tribute to themselves and each other in Cannes. At the advertising industry's own World Championship, three Danish campaigns reaped honours and a Danish director was added to exclusive list.

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International citizens and companies deserve the best start

04 Jul 2013  -  Society and living

The new initiative “the International House Copenhagen” aims to strengthen the attraction, greeting, and retention of international citizens and companies, making it a greater experience to work, study and live in Copenhagen.

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5,809 new businesses in Copenhagen in 2012

01 Jul 2013  -  Companies

In 2012, 5,809 new businesses emerged in Copenhagen. This is an increase of 6.2 per cent since 2011, and is the largest number of start-ups in a year since 2001.

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