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Copenhagen Airport best in Europe

21 Oct 2016  -  Location and infrastructure

Copenhagen Airport was named best airport in Europe and the seventh best in the world at the Readers’ Choice Awards “world’s best airports” by the travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler.

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Copenhagen’s cleantech cluster wins best-practice award

19 Oct 2016  -  Cleantech

Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster won a prestigious award at the 2016 RegioStars Awards, celebrating Europe’s most original and innovative projects which could be attractive and inspiring to other regions.

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American pharma giant invests billions in Danish biotech research

17 Oct 2016  -  Life Science

The US based pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb has developed a promising long-distance relationship with Denmark, having invested more than USD 2.37 billion in Danish biotech companies and research in just two years.

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The Nordics are now officially the biggest unicorn factory in the world

14 Oct 2016  -  Companies

The Nordic startup scene is on a roll. The last five years have seen at least one billion-dollar exit from the Nordics per year.

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Denmark tops sustainable energy index

13 Oct 2016  -  Cleantech

Denmark ranks first overall, and also on the energy security dimension, in the 2016 Energy Trilemma Index by World Energy Council. Denmark’s performance is excellently balanced, resulting in a triple-A score.

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Competition: do you want to co-create a supranational IoE platform for European cities?

12 Oct 2016  -  ICT and high tech industries

The SELECT for Cities competition invites European companies to design and develop a data-driven, single-solution Internet-of-Everything (IoE) platform across European cities – namely Copenhagen, Helsinki and Antwerp.

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Copenhagen Airport among the world’s best for route development

06 Oct 2016  -  Business conditions

For the fourth year in a row, airlines from around the world have ranked Copenhagen Airport among the world’s elite when it comes to developing new air routes.

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IBM åbner innovationscenter i København

05 Oct 2016  -  Location and infrastructure

Til nytår åbner IBM et nyt innovationscenter i København, som i de næste to år skal ansætte 250 it-talenter. De nye konsulenter skal fokusere på banebrydende teknologier inden for big data, cognitive computing og digitale forretningsområder og skal udvikle fremtidens smarte it-løsninger.

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New IBM client innovation centre in Copenhagen

05 Oct 2016  -  Companies

IBM is expanding its global activities with a new innovation centre in Copenhagen. Within two years, 250 IT professionals will be employed at the new centre, working with ground-breaking technologies within big data and cognitive computing. The first talents will join already by the beginning of 2017.

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15 tyske investorer så på projekter i Greater Copenhagen

04 Oct 2016  -  Business conditions

Copenhagen Capacity og Invest in Skåne har for første gang sammen inviteret til Real Estate Investor Summit i Frankfurt, hvor 15 tyske investorer så nærmere på bygge- og infrastrukturprojekter i Greater Copenhagen.

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Mød nye internationale medarbejdere

04 Oct 2016  -  Talent

Mandag den 12. december afholder Copenhagen Capacity igen international talentkonference. Mød 150 internationale studerende fra 70 lande, som læser en videregående uddannelse i Danmark og kigger efter job i Danmark.

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Consultation on Denmark’s next generation of Digital Post

30 Sep 2016  -  ICT and high tech industries

The Agency for Digitisation is holding a public consultation on Denmark’s next generation Digital Post solution, ending on 12 October, for suppliers to enrich the content and direction.

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Denmark no. 2 in European Innovation Scoreboard 2016

28 Sep 2016  -  Business conditions

Denmark is the second-best performing innovation leader among the EU Member States in the 2016 European Innovation Scoreboard.

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Denmark second strongest engineering nation in the world

26 Sep 2016  -  ICT and high tech industries

Denmark is the second strongest engineering country in the world according to a new Engineering Index by the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

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New waste management opportunities in Copenhagen

21 Sep 2016  -  Cleantech

New supply strategy enhances opportunities for foreign companies in the Danish waste management sector.

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Boehringer Ingelheim signs collaboration agreement in schizophrenia with Danish biotech company

20 Sep 2016  -  Life Science

The German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim has entered into a research collaboration in schizophrenia with biotech company, Saniona, based in Medicon Valley, Greater Copenhagen. Since 2011, Boehringer Ingelheim has also worked with Copenhagen-based Zealand Pharma to discover drugs for the treatment of diabetes and obesity.

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New Copenhagen BioScience PhD Programme

07 Sep 2016  -  Talent

The Copenhagen Bioscience PhD programme is a new initiative that offers talented students with a university degree from outside of Denmark an opportunity to launch their careers in the vibrant environment of the Novo Nordisk Foundation research centre cluster.

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Nyt powerhouse skal hjælpe flere kinesiske virksomheder til København

06 Sep 2016  -  Copenhagen Capacity

Innovation House China-Denmark, som åbnede den 7.september, skal lette vejen for kinesiske virksomheder, der vil til Danmark, og for danske virksomheder, der vil ind på det kinesiske marked.

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New powerhouse to help Chinese companies to Copenhagen

06 Sep 2016  -  Companies

The new Innovation House China-Denmark in Copenhagen helps Chinese companies in getting a strong foothold in Denmark and Danish companies that want to enter the Chinese market.

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Kinesiske Warmblood satser på København

06 Sep 2016  -  Copenhagen Capacity

Warmblood, et nyt kinesisk-dansk joint venture der laver asiatisk inspirerede interiørløsninger, har etableret kontor i København, som også skal eksportere dansk design til Kina.

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