Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster

Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster started in 2009 as a partner based project launched by Danish cleantech companies, research institutions and public organizations.

With a total funding of 142 million DKK from The Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand and the European Union Structural and Cohesion Funds, CCC was designed to be one of the most powerful clusters in Europe. The original CCC-project financing ended by December 2014.

CCC registered as an association in 2010 in order to sustain and build upon the activities of the project. The CCC-association further consolidated by merging with Lean Energy Cluster in May 2014 under the new joint name CLEAN. Membership of CLEAN is open to all companies, public organizations and research institutions involved in aspects of cleantech.

You can go to CLEANs website here.

For more information about the original CCC-project, please contact Rune Rasmussen, Director of Development at Copenhagen Capacity.