We invite international ICT companies to help us build the world’s first carbon-neutral capital city by creating, testing and developing ICT solutions in Greater Copenhagen.

Copenhagen aims to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025, and sets out to reduce its current carbon emission level by almost 50% - from 2.5 million tons to less than 1.2 million tons.

Energy, energy consumption, mobility and city administration are the four priority areas in the 2025 Copenhagen Climate Plan.

In Greater Copenhagen, ICT projects to support this agenda have emerged within big data, smart city, intelligent lighting & photonics and the Internet of Things.

This infographic shows that Greater Copenhagen is no. 1 on ICT development in the EU by 2017

ICT Development Index 2017

Denmark is Europe's most digital nation

ICT in Copenhagen is supported by Denmark's record-high level of public-sector digitisation. Today, most Danes have a digital mailbox through which they receive all written communication from the public sector.

Owing to Denmark's ambitious e-government strategy and the e-signature system, NemID, citizens handle everything from internet banking to changing tax registrations and booking a doctor's appointment online.

The contract on NemID expires at the end of 2017 and a replacement must be developed. International companies are invited to develop the next generation of Denmark's digital identification signature.

Denmark is the world’s most digital country

This infographic shows that Denmark is the world’s most digital countryInternational Digital Economy and Society Index 2018

Big Data

Greater Copenhagen offers unique access to electronic databases and registries which foreign companies can use freely for research, test and development purposes.

Hitachi has opened its first mainland Europe big data research laboratory in Copenhagen and is building the world's first city data exchange in Copenhagen.

Intelligent lighting and photonics

Greater Copenhagen is a world leader in lighting and photonics research, with the Technical University of Denmark repeatedly breaking the world record in data transmission.

Greater Copenhagen’s ICT cluster includes the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab (DOLL), consisting of three laboratories: Quality Lab, Virtual Lab and Living Lab, which includes 9.2 km of road and pathways for testing lighting solutions. DOLL is open for foreign lighting firms to test new solutions.

Smart City

Copenhagen won the World Smart Cities Award in 2014 for its Copenhagen Connecting Project, demonstrating the city's Smart City leadership.

Greater Copenhagen has become a living test lab for Smart City solutions, owing to easy access to collaboration and partnerships with the public sector, industry and academia. Moreover, Denmark has a long tradition of citizen involvement in urban planning and development, and the Danes are early adopters of new technologies.

Internet of Things

Greater Copenhagen is at the forefront of developing tomorrow's digital infrastructure and invites foreign companies to use the metropolis as a living laboratory.

Cisco Systems recently entered into a groundbreaking partnership with three Danish municipalities and the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab to develop IoT-based citizen services and solutions to help Copenhagen reach the city's objective of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025.

The Internet of Everything data revolution is now embraced by Copenhagen, which is already one of Europe's most innovative cities. It has an ambitious green vision and is a perfect setting for a green laboratory. The projects in  Greater Copenhagen will serve as best practices bringing greater efficiency, cost savings and sustainability that other cities in the world can reproduce.

Wim Elfrink | Executive Vice-President, Chief Globalisation Officer, Cisco

ICT in the finance sector

Copenhagen is a hotspot for developing innovative ICT solutions for the finance sector. Well-operated partnerships between government and private sector companies are the result of a long tradition of developing common infrastructure solutions for the financial sector and have led to Denmark being a global leader in digitising secure processes.

Greater Copenhagen is home to one of Europe's largest ICT clusters with more than 12,000 IT companies and 100,000 IT employees. Finance and ICT total 5% of Denmark's employment with a high concentration in Copenhagen, where the financial/IT sector makes up 13% of private employment.

Key strength positions in Greater Copenhagen include IT security, process optimisation, investment software, mobile banking technologies and usability.

Number of people employed in ICT companies in Greater CopenhagenThis infographic shows that 70000+ people was employed in ICT companies in Greater Copenhagen in 2017

Statistics Denmark 2017