The Nordics are, per capita, the world’s unicorn factory. With Greater Copenhagen as Europe’s most digitally competitive society (IMD 2020) it is the ideal location for tech companies’ headquarters, regional subsidiaries, and R&D hubs. Copenhagen Capacity is ready to assist you in investigating your opportunities in the Greater Copenhagen region.

Denmark is ranked as the most digitised country in Europe (UN 2020) with a tech-savvy population that demands advanced digital solutions in every aspect of their daily lives. Danish citizens live in a cash- and paperless society with digital foundations for banking, transportation, and business services, making Greater Copenhagen a world-leading hub for developing, testing, and launching technological solutions.

World-leading R&D

Denmark features the highest concentration of researchers in the world, and ranks among the top performing countries on indicators such as R&D intensity, high-tech density, and productivity (Bloomberg Innovation Index 2020).


Artificial Intelligence

Copenhagen’s universities rank among the top in computer science research areas such as machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, and algorithms and the region has strong business environments in robotics, computer vision, and audio (CS Rankings 2020). Denmark ranks #1 globally for e-Government with the most digitally advanced public sector and a world-class pool of public data (UN 2020) . Copenhagen’s universities are keen on collaborating with the private sector, and Copenhagen Capacity can assist your company with locating potential partners.


Fintech has driven much of the Nordic boom in unicorns. Denmark is home to over 250 fintech start-ups, with Danish fintech investment growing at a CAGR of 104% from 2014 to 2020. There have been 20+ funding rounds alone in Q1 2021 - including Chainalysis, who have become the latest fintech unicorn.

Copenhagen FinTech is the epicenter of fintech innovation in the Nordics. Their Copenhagen FinTech Lab is an incubator and innovation powerhouse housing almost 200 entrepreneurs, with 5 stage-specific fintech start-up programs and 50+ fintech-specific institutional investors.

Software Development

Copenhagen has created strong unicorns like Unity, Zendesk, Tradeshift, Sitecore, JustEat, and is home to upcoming companies like Cardlay, Canopylab, and Radiobotics. They are all testament to the software legacy that has always been a trademark for Denmark (where Google Chrome was developed), and programming languages including C++, Ruby on Rails, and Visual Prolog were all developed here.

Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology originated in Copenhagen, and the city remains a global leader in Quantum research. The Danish physicist Niels Bohr was one of the founders of Quantum Mechanics, and his “Copenhagen Interpretation” is still taught in Quantum physics worldwide. Top scientists like Charles Marcus and companies like Microsoft have chosen Copenhagen to establish their Quantum labs. In fact, Denmark educates the highest number of Quantum talents in the world per capita.


More than 6,300 games have been developed and launched from Denmark. Copenhagen is home to Unity, I/O Interactive, SYBO, Tactile, Flashbulb, Crey, Playdead, and Triband, with 140+ more active companies in Denmark. It has a globally competitive infrastructure for game development and a world-class environment for e-sports - with 200+ e-sport clubs and associations.