Denmark receives EU funding for 200 new hydrogen buses

Due to Denmark’s strong position in the field of green energy and hydrogen technology, Denmark has been selected by the EU to receive EUR 40 million. The funding is expected to bring 200 hydrogen buses to Denmark.

With the goal of getting 600 hydrogen buses to Europe, the EU program “Connecting Europe Facility Program” has recently chosen Denmark to receive 40 million euros for the Danish project “H2BusEurope”. 

This subsidy is expected to bring 200 hydrogen buses to Denmark before 2020 which means that in a few years, 10% of the Danish city buses will potentially run on hydrogen. 

It's a huge step forward - both for the industry and for the conversion of green transport - it could potentially help bring Denmark into the global league when it comes to fossil-free transport and utilization of wind energy.
- Tejs Lausten Jensen, director of Hydrogen Denmark

Why Denmark?

Alone in 2017, Denmark covered 43,4 percent of its energy consumption solely by wind power. On top of that, Denmark was awarded by “the World Energy Council 2017” for having the world’s best energy system. 

This makes Denmark a perfect test ground for green technologies such as hydrogen buses that can help Denmark reach its ambitious goal of becoming completely independent of fossil fuels by 2055.

Not only do we use biofuels and electric buses. Now we also have 200 buses running on one of the cleanest energy sources we know. It's amazing” …” I have no doubt that the EU has looked at Denmark’s performance when it comes to developing and implementing green technologies.
- The Danish minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt. Quote from BT

How can international investors benefit?

Denmark will in the coming months develop projects to get the hydrogen buses on the streets.

This will include new hydrogen fueling stations, new buses, production of green hydrogen and training of personal to operate the infrastructure. 

Copenhagen Capacity is ready to assist foreign investors benefit from this unique opportunity.