Greater Copenhagen is a smart city frontrunner. Lighting Metropolis will make the region the world’s most advanced one-stop hub for smart urban lighting research and development.

Lighting Metropolis is a ground-breaking partnership between Danish and Swedish regions, municipalities and universities, inviting international and local companies to create a world leading region for smart urban lighting.

The aim is to strengthen the significant role lighting can play in supporting safety, accessibility, identity, health and education for people in cities.

The cities in Greater Copenhagen will develop and display pioneering urban lighting and related smart city solutions, taken off the drawing board and into the streets.

Raising the bar for innovation

Covering Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden, Greater Copenhagen is home to 3.8 million people.

With a budget of 7.3 million euros, Lighting Metropolis aims to set new standards for innovation, uniting public and private sector partners, including incubator pods, start-ups and scientists, and making city spaces and buildings available to development, test and demonstration.

Lighting living labs in Copenhagen

Lighting Metropolis is the first decisive step in realising a vision for Greater Copenhagen as the world’s leading living lab for smart urban lighting. 

It will be a one-stop hub for intelligent urban lighting test, research and development. 

Greater Copenhagen is home to a number of well-established living labs, encompassing municipalities, companies and universities.

DOLL – Europe’s largest test-field for intelligent lighting

The Danish Outdoor Living Lab, DOLL, is Europe’s largest showroom and test-field for intelligent lighting and smart urban services.

DOLL consists of three laboratories:

  • Living Lab offers a 1:1 experience of outdoor lighting products on pathways, streets, passages, parks and squares. 
  • Quality Lab, located at the Photonics Department of the Technical University of Denmark, offers manufacturers and buyers test and documentation of all aspects of artificial lighting.
  • Virtual Lab, located at the Photonics Department of the Technical University of Denmark, offers the technology to recreate spaces in 3D computer models to visualise the effect, distribution, reflection and glare of illuminates and sockets early in the development process.

Gate 21 – driving green transition

Gate 21 is a partnership between municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions, working to accelerate the green transition.

Gate 21 aims at creating a sustainable society and green growth through strategic partnerships between the public sector, private enterprises and the research community. Gate 21 and its partners work to develop, test, demonstrate and implement new solutions within:

  • Cities and construction
  • Transportation
  • Energy and resources

The municipal market is an increasingly important driver of green growth, and Gate 21 brings the industry closer to the local authorities.

The partnering municipalities are used as a real-life laboratory, enabling business and knowledge institutions to develop and test new technology in full scale.

Data transmission world record

Using a new kind of optical fiber, researchers in DTU Photonics' High-Speed Optical Communications Group have set a new world record for single-transmitter data transfer.

Future smart lighting demonstration projects in Copenhagen

Around 20 new lighting demonstration projects in Greater Copenhagen will be carried out in real-life test environments such as schools, parks and hospitals.

The projects will be focusing on:

  • Outdoor lighting: design, safety, identity, attractiveness.
  • Indoor lighting: biological light, learning, health, work environments.
  • Smart urban lighting: intelligent control systems, sensor networks, Internet of Things, intelligent traffic systems (ITS) and WiFi.
  • Climate and environment: energy efficiency, environmental impact, life cycles and sustainability.
  • Return-on-investment: investment strategies, total cost of ownership, demand, maintenance and operation.