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We're teaming up with partners across sectors to secure Denmark and the Greater Copenhagen Region's competitive edge.

To ensure Denmark’s growth, we lead and collaborate on multiple projects to attract international talent and foreign companies to Denmark and the Greater Copenhagen Region.

Gaming Competencies for Greater Copenhagen

Dec 6, 2023 The "Gaming Competencies for Greater Copenhagen" project seeks to strenghten the Greater Copenhagen gaming industry by enhancing access to essential skills and competencies. A collaborative effort between Denmark and Sweden, to foster educational growth and attract global talent for the gaming industry.

Project name: Gaming Competencies for Greater Copenhagen

Purpose: The project aims to strengthen the gaming industry in Greater Copenhagen and the positioning in the global market by ensuring companies have access to the competencies they need. The project collects knowledge and creates partnerships that can improve educational opportunities and attract desirable competencies from abroad. By participating in the project activities, gaming companies have a unique opportunity to shape the future of the industry in Greater Copenhagen and be part of ensuring a supply of qualified talent to the gaming industry.

Project Description: 

The gaming industry in Greater Copenhagen is thriving but faces a huge challenge: a growing need for qualified labor. This project aims to address this need by increasing and strengthening educational opportunities and attracting international talent to the region. By joining forces from both Denmark and Sweden, we can stand stronger against the world's largest gaming markets and attract the best talents. Core Activities of the Project:

  • Mapping of skills need: In-depth analysis of the current and future demand for competencies in the gaming industry.
  • Development of Education: Identification of opportunities to expand and improve educational opportunities.
  • Long-term Strategy: Collaboration with partners to develop a long-term plan to establish Greater Copenhagen as an attractive center for gaming excellence.

Results: TBA

Duration: March 2023-April 2024

Partners: Vision Denmark, Future Games (Sweden), Copenhagen Capacity


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